Unexpected tie behavior within chords

Hi folks,

I’ve been having this weird thing when inputting a chord with some notes tied and others not, where the untied notes are adding unwanted ties connecting back to the previous instance of that pitch.

Looks like someone else had the same question back in 2016. The suggestion to press T after the final note of the chord works to eliminate the first tie, but not the second.

The scissors tool makes it easy enough to remove the excess ties, but what am I doing wrong to end up with them in the first place?

Thanks for your help!

The main thing to be aware of is that when you hit T within note input, that tells Dorico that whatever is input next needs to be tied backwards to the last instance of that pitch in that voice.

It’s difficult to know how you’re working, from a screenshot, but if I assume that you’re using a computer keyboard then it may be that having input the D and the F (in the penultimate bar), you need to hit T to toggle off Tie mode before you enter the C and the B.

Thanks, Leo! Your explanation makes perfect sense, I think I was misunderstanding how Dorico interprets the T command.

Yes, I’m working from a laptop keyboard. What I’ve been doing so far, is to enter the chord from the bottom, D F C, press T for tie, space, then enter the next chord D F B. So, if I’m understanding you correctly, is the best workflow option to enter just the tied notes D and F in both chords, then go back and add the C and B? Or is there a way to do it linearly?

Assuming chord mode is turned on, I think you can do:
7 dot D F C Space T 6 dot D F T B

Amazing, that did the trick! Thanks again for the help!