Unis and Div labels don't show within a system under certain conditions

I’ve encounter an issue while editing the strings part using the divisi and condensing features. The problem is that if, within a system, a stave goes to divisi and then to unison, and then to divisi again, the unis label is not shown. Actually, if the stave goes back and forth from divisi to unis, only the first and the last labels are shown. For instance, in measure 44 of the example I’ve provided in the violas part:

or the violins II part in measures 12-15

Here’s the project:
div-unis.dorico (500.8 KB)


This seems to be related to a previous divisi issue that you’ve encountered (From divisi a 2 to divisi a 3).

If I had to wager, the source of the problem seems to be the same in this case too, namely that: “If a divisi change is already in force at the start of the system, then that is the one that will take effect for the whole of that system. There is no alternative but to make the divisi to three parts start earlier, and/or change the system formatting so that the divisi to three parts coincides with the system break.”

Compound that with the condensing tool, and I would imagine it would give you precisely the results you’re seeing. (And correct me if I’m wrong, and not that this is particularly consequential, but it’s only that the first AND last label are shown if the last label is unis., yes? It looks like if the last label is div.—or perhaps if the first and last label are the same?— then only the first label is shown.)

Unfortunately, I don’t have a better solution than to suggest not using the divisi feature to merely mark divisi and unison. I’d just use shift-x text for that and limit my use of the divisi feature to only instances where I needed separate staves to appear in both the score and parts. I could of course be mistaken, but I get the sense that that is the way it was intended

I’ve had the same experience too. I just use a playing technique for div and unis. If I want 2 staves for the div, I wouldn’t condense it. It’s kind of sad that such a good feature is unreliable.

Just wonder if there is a plan to fix the issue

Please don’t bump threads.

But yes, we are aware of this issue, and we do have a number of issues related to the transition between divisi and unison music on our backlog for addressing in future versions.

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Thank you @dspreadbury for the info.

Thank you @snakeeyes021 for your advice too. I didn’t remember I had posted earlier about a similar problem, and I imagine they can be related. It’s good that the developers are taking care of it.

For the time being, I’ve created the div., non div. and unis. PT with the Trill font, which happens to have the same default (8pt) as the divisi labels (which are a paragraph style, and thus, can’t be selected for playing techniques).