Unistalling Dorico 2

Hello, I installed the trial version of Dorico 2 but I realized that even if I purchased it it would only work on one computer and I want to unistall.

How do you cleanly unistall the program? I cannot find an unistaller.

thank you

On Windows, there are separate entries in Programs and Features for the various components: the main one is ‘Steinberg Dorico 2’, and you can also uninstall ‘HALion Sonic SE 3’ and ‘HALion Symphonic Orchestra’.

On Mac, there’s no uninstaller, but if you remove the following files/folders you’ll be back to a clean state:

/Applications/Dorico 2.app
/Users/your-username/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 2
/Library/Application Support/SMuFL/

The above can all be safely removed without affecting any other Steinberg applications on your computer. If you have other Steinberg software, then you should proceed any further with caution, because quite a few components are shared between e.g. Dorico and Cubase, and removing them will also damage your Cubase installation:

eLicenser-related files
/Applications/License Control Center.app
/Library/Application Support/Syncrosoft
/Library/Application Support/Syncrosoft Soft-eLicenser/SeLicenser.sel (this is your Soft-eLicenser file, and holds all your licenses: only delete it if you are absolutely sure you know what you’re doing!)
/Library/Application Support/eLicenser

HALion Sonic SE 3
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components/HALion Sonic SE.vst3
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/HALion
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/HALion/Sub Presets
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/HALion Sonic SE/Sub Presets

HALion Symphonic Orchestra
/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/HALion Symphonic Orchestra.component
/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/Steinberg/Symphonic Orchestra.vst3
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components/HALion Sonic SE.vst3
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/Documentation
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/HALion
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/HALion/InstalledContent
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Symphonic Orchestra/Sub Presets
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/VST3PresetCompatibility

Please do proceed with caution. We cannot be held responsible for any problems you create as a result of deleting files in system library folders.

Thank you!

Hi Daniel, as Ive mentioned in another thread I am having serious issues with Dorico, meaning, that it will not launch 85% of the time, it’s been like this for 3-4 days now. Ever since I upgraded to Mojave, Dorico began to ‘hang’’ (on Mac, the infamous spinning beachball), randomaly, while working in the app. Now, unexplainably, Dorico decides it will only launch when it wants to. After about 40 hours of not working, last night it magically opened, and I did a bit of work. This morning I tried to open it, and nothing. Wont launch. I believe that I need to do a full uninstall, and then reinstall. I have no preferences or anything of importance related to Dorico, besides my actual project files. What is the cleanest way to clean the slate and get ready for a new install? Is it as simple as the method you mentioned above?
“/Applications/Dorico 2.app
/Users/your-username/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 2
/Library/Application Support/SMuFL/”

What about all the Halion stuff? Should I trash that too? I’m just curious as it’s a big download to redo.

Thanks a lot.


Dorico is not ready for Mojave.

cheers. I missed that thread. Damn. Well I guess I’m in a bit of a pickle now.

Thanks again for the link.

Dorico 2.1.10 should certainly launch on Mojave (though there are some other known issues).

The first thing you should do is remove the files in your User Library listed above. Then try restarting Dorico. That will prove whether the problem is a user one (e.g. corrupt prefs), or a system-wide one. If Dorico still doesn’t work, then the issue is at the system level (and you can restore the user files, if they have settings you want to keep).

All the other stuff will get reinstalled (i.e. over-written) by the installer.

If you’ve reinstalled and Dorico still isn’t working, then chances are that installing again won’t fix it, and there’s some other problem, most likely third-party software that’s getting in the way somehow.

On the plus side, there should be a a Dorico update later this week: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=145263#p780982

Uninstall Dorico 2 may or may not help.
I am tracking this freezing issue: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=145347
Please let people know whether this issue is gone after you performed a clean-reinstall of Dorico 2.
(Before that, please post all Dorico crash files, all your VSTAudioEngine crash files and your system.log file in your reply to my tracking thread.)
(You may want to filter out all personal information through your crash files and the system.log file before uploading them.)

At this moment all you need is patience everytime you launch the Dorico. If you don’t actively run anything else at the same time, Dorico and its VSTAudioEngine should finish their booting process successfully.

Thank you everyone for your help and suggestions.

I am running 2.1.10, and it is my MacBook Pro that is soley used for music. Nothing changes on it, or downloaded, except music specific software and drivers etc.
It stopped launching (don’t even get launch screen) a couple of days ago, and then surprisingly, last night I tried it and it launched. But this morning no go. I cannot for the life of me think of what the difference of 10 hours makes, as mentioned, this computer is not touched for anything but music work. And besides a little work in logic, no major activities have been has been done in the last few week. All my work this week was in Dorico

Please capture a spindump, zip it up, and attach it here. Sorry you’re still having these problems!

OK, update, things are very strange right now. I’ve just come home after being out in the late afternoon (I’m on Vietnam time), and after many many unsuccessful attempts earlier today, I just decided to to try Dorico again. The time is 18:09, and like last night, it has now launched.
I know this sounds crazy, but I promise you guys, when I get up in the morning to begin work, Dorico won’t launch. 100% sure. Tried many many times over the last few days. But as I mentioned, it launched last night, and now it has launched again. I can’t say it enough. Nothing is changing on this machine. I’m baffled by this, almost as if it has something to do with the clock.
What should I do to help diagnose this problem?
Sorry Daniel, I’m not familiar with spindump, and I just googled it and got a range of not-quite clear answers. Would you mind giving a brief run through what to do? I’m capable on the machine, so just a brief how-to will suffice.

Shikisuen, I’ll upload the hanging diagnostics to your linked thread. But I already did it in another thread, and the author of that thread said there was nothing much to pull from the info.

One, thank you everyone. I will update you tomorrow morning. And we’ll see if the pattern persists.

I wonder whether the hanging is due to a problem with the eLicenser, then? Try running eLicenser Control Center and letting it run its maintenance tasks.

Thanks Daniel. Right now I’m going to leave Dorico open and not tinker with anything, and cross my fingers that I can get some work done this evening without Dorico shutting down on me.
I’ll quit it tonight, and see if the pattern repeats tomorrow morning, where Dorico will not launch. And then wait for the evening to see if it goes again. If so that would be 3 days in a row the same behaviour, and should tell us something. Afterwards, I’ll run the elicense suggestion you mentioned. Many thanks to you all, again.
I promise to make a really sexy score when this is solved. :wink:

Proofreading… :laughing: :laughing:

eLicenser Control Center version, the process was hanged in the middle (the application is still responsive) when doing maintenance processes to the soft-eLicenser. I checked that it might not be the network problem because I could still validate the expired date of my demo licenses written in my soft-eLicenser.

P.S.: Dorico 2.1.20 doesn’t solve this freezing issue.

Daniel, did you people remove the tick of Dorico in this system preferences? (Security & Privacy → Privacy Tab → Accessibility → Allowing the apps below to control your computer.)
I removed this tick and this issue appears to be gone immediately.

Aleos, you might want to try the trick above to see whether it works.

As of this morning/noon, at 11:54, Dorico won’t launch. Just to repeat my strange situation, it most likely will launch tonight, but not now. All I get is “Dorico Not Responding” in the force quit window. Right now Dorico is just doing nothing, no spinning beach ball, when I command-tab to choose the app, the name won’t appear in the top left corner, just totally unresponsive.

Thank you ShikiSuen, I’m going to try that trick now. As well as the one Daniel mentioned about the elicenser.

I almost want to show you guys a video, or a screenshot, I feel like it’s crazy, that it opens in the evening, but not the morning. Maybe Dorico secretly wishes to be a jazz musician. :laughing:

ok, so I tried both ShikiSuen, and Daniel’s suggestions, tried to launch Dorico after, no go. Restarted computer, and still no go.

ShikiSuen, I had no apps listed in my ‘accessibility’ preferences. So therefore there was nothing for me to correct. Is that strange?
Check screen shot.

Thanks. No transcribing Bill Frisell today I guess.

Thanks everyone for keeping on this. Will the new update be out soon? I know that’s usually the annoying question for developers, but I do need to get a few scores out relatively soon, and I wonder if I should hop back on Sibelius, where I would have to restart from scratch/memory, or wait this out a few more days. Can you give me a hint Daniel? I understand if you’re top secret about it, just hoping.



p.s. would it be helpful if, after I force quit, and apple says “you quit Dorico because of a problem” and I click “show details”, if I copied and pasted that to a text file. Would that be of any help to problem solvers? Is there any sensitive personal information included in there? I have nothing to hide except passwords. I’ll upload that if it’s to anyone’s use.