Unlinking text frames in master pages?

When you make a new master page “based on” an existing one, Dorico keeps the text frames in the copy linked to the original, so any edits in them will propagate. Also, within a Master Page the frames on the L and R sides get linked in the same way. This is by design and it’s very useful. But is there a way to break this link in specific cases? Often I want to make variant Master Pages that keep the formatting of their base model but with slightly different headers. Or I want the headers on the L and R to have different content. The only way I can currently see to do this is to delete the frame and recreate it from scratch, but being able to “fork” frames while keeping their formatting would save me quite a lot of time.

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My solution (so fr) has been the same as yours: recreate the independent frames from scratch.

As Derrek suggests, the way to break them is to recreate them.

Thought as much. In that case, consider this a humble FR :slight_smile:

I put an upvote on this one! Very useful in case you want to include slightly different preliminary pages containing text frames with special symbols and custom formatting, which is otherwise cumbersome to recreate from scratch since text formatting is not included when copying and pasting text. (While we’re still at it, the ability to copy text with formatting would be a very welcome feature. :wink:)