unsoloing a track doesn’t unmute all the other tracks ?

The only way to unmute them is to go to the top bar and do it from there as opposed to simply pressing the solo bar on the track again. Is this a big or expected behaviour ?

Depends - don’t have cubase open to check but as I recall if you have muted some tracks, then solo on, then unsolo, the muted ones remain muted.
For me at least it does what I expect under those conditions. Though you can to them all in the top bar.
I’d have to open Cubase to be sure but I think that is what happens and you can easily check.

Yes, unsoloing a channel won’t unmute previously muted channels. If just one ore more channels are solo’d/unsolo’d it usually works as you expect - on unsoloing a solo’d channel all the rest comes up again.

If you solo a folder and unsolo individual channels within the folder solo won’t be undone. Maybe that’s what’s happening?!?

It’s a bug then.
Unsoloing doesn’t unmute any tracks at all.

Must be a bug. Unsoloing doesn’t unmute any tracks at all

Maybe we have a semantic mismatch in the discussion.

„Unmute“ - I‘d understand this like „all previously muted channels get unmuted“.
„Unsolo“ - that’s releasing the solo state but what was muted before remains muted.

Please explain more exact what you do, what you expect and what Cubase does…

I think that’s what I meant ? But I made a thread with a video, I guess I should have posted here. It shows exactly the issue probably better than I explained it:


Ok, I’ve watched the video. Looks annoying - I’d too expect that all channels that solo when you press that group tracks’ solo button get out of solo mode once the same button is pressed again.

Can’t remember that I’ve seen such behaviour here. And finally - not very helpful - have no idea how to solve it.

Does it happen in just this project?

I think it’s working as it always has, but the whole logic system behind solo’s and mute’s in Cubendo is just plain weird, and Steinberg seem to have no interest in fixing it.

The master clear solo’s button will clear all solo’s, but leave any mutes you have previously engaged in place.

With a solo active, the master mute’s button won’t do anything, and so really should be greyed out to make it obvious that you can’t use it until all solo’s have been cleared first!

You should also be aware that if you have mutes or solo’s engaged when duplicating tracks, the whole solo and mute logic can get totally screwed up, requiring you to use the master solo and mute buttons to reset the whole system.

If you use lots of folders you need to be aware of this, as you can end up with muted tracks hidden away that should be playing!

Using solo’s and mute’s with groups and folder tracks also gets really confusing because again, the logic isn’t indicated very well.
For example mute a folder track and all the tracks in it are shown as muted. However if you mute all the tracks in a folder, the folders mute button doesn’t reflect this!

It’s unlikely to get an overhaul so just accept it for what it is.