Up your game Steinberg!

I feel the need to share this publicly as I’m a little annoyed with Steinberg to say the least. Several weeks ago I had confirmation from one of the Steinberg support team saying that if I purchased a copy of Cubase 12 from Steinberg, they would be able to downgrade my licence to Cubase 11. I explained I was running Mojave and not willing (like millions of other people in the world) to upgrade my OS.

So over the last few weeks I have put time, money and effort into training myself up on Cubase. I’ve been using it on a borrowed laptop to demo it and I was now ready to throw lots of money at Steinberg, but all of a sudden they will not entertain my request to downgrade my licence if I purchase 12 from them. Are you serious?!

I realise that Steinberg can choose to do this, but this is just pathetic, unprofessional service from them and I’m so sick of this “you must use the latest version of our OS” mentality or we don’t want you business. Thanks Steinberg, you have no idea how much business you are losing from all the people that want to use your software, but can’t. There must be millions of people worldwide that don’t want to upgrade their OS for professional reasons. I guess I’ll be buying Logic instead. And I’ll be recommending people away from your company too, not that you’ll care in the slightest.

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Odd. I wonder if there was misunderstanding somewhere along the line.

What sort of misunderstanding?


If you update from lower Cubase version, you get Cubase 11 (of the given edition) license for free. So at your eLicenser you have the highest Cubase version possible for the backwards compatibility (if needed).

It’s not common to give Cubase 11 license to the new customers.

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I don’t know, not being a party to the messages. Maybe they misunderstood the question?

I thought Cubase 12 ran on the latest update of Mojave (10.14.6), Have you tried it?

I appreciate this doesn’t address the issue you have with support, but searching the forum suggests that you may still be in luck:

I saw this, thanks. Mojave isn’t officially supported though and I’m not willing install and invest more time migrating from my current DAW to Cubase only to find issues weeks down the line. Despite my initial rant, if they provided official support for Mojave I would have no problem using it.

I’ve dabbled with Cubase over the last year, and I was interested now in purchasing it over Logic as an upgrade to my current DAW, but it seems Steinberg is the only major DAW company to completely alienate millions of users for favour of some silly new shiny plugins. SO shortsighted imo.

Steinberg doesn’t have me confused but you certainly do :slight_smile:

You buy Cubase Pro 12 for Mac.
Buy/own an elicenser as well if want (I do).
That automatically gives you full access to download, install, and use-
Cubase 11, 10, 9, 8, 7 etc on back.
That’s what I do.
Not following what you mean by “I want to downgrade my license”………sounds like what you really mean is “I want to download and use cb10 after I purchase cb12”…or whatever.

So, do it. What’s stopping you?

By the way, imo, it’s Apple that does the alienating of humans :slight_smile:

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You don’t get the eLicenser validated with Cubase 12 though, you only get a download code which uses the new licensing.

If the OP had Cubase 11 and then paid for the C12 update then they would still have C11 downwards as us existing users do, but sadly that’s not the case for new purchasers, and this is the issue they have.

Made worse that support indicated that they WOULD be able to use C11 with a new purchase of C12, as mentioned above it must’ve been a misunderstanding and perhaps they thought OP was updating from C11>C12 perhaps?

It was explicitly confirmed by support that I could purchase a 12 licence as new customer. That 12 licence could then be revoked by Steinberg and a new 11 licence generated. I would lose access to 12, but would be able to use 11, or an earlier version if I wanted to.

Anyway, this is beating a dead horse, until they provide support for Mojave I unfortunately won’t be able to use it.


This is true only in case of update. Not for the new customer. As I mentioned above.

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I don’t think that you’ll ever see C12 for Mojave, as it pretty much has been obsoleted by Apple (last security update is like two years ago or so). It is quite understandable to me that Steinberg won’t support a newer product on a system that isn’t supported by the vendor anymore.

As others stated, getting a downgrade from 12 to 11 doesn’t seem likely (if you didn’t own C11 and the eLicenser before), so either someone at support did actually screw up or it has been a massive misunderstanding… regardless what it was, not a nice experience for you, understandably.

The real question is, do you have that in writing?

Yep, in the support conversation, which is what annoys me so much, it’s in writing.

As @fese said, I understand the reasons for Steinberg not investing time & money into getting a new release to work with an unsupported OS, I can deal with that, what I can’t deal with is being told a few months ago that when I purchase, I can downgrade my licence.

Now they simply refuse to honour what was said, I really didn’t expect such unprofessional business conduct from a company like Steinberg.

What exactly do you expect this ‘official support’ to be? And how would it impact on your Cubase work?

I think it’s common knowledge that “official support” means that a version of software has been thoroughly tested to iron out any potential, large bugs that may significantly impact the smooth running of the software.

I don’t really understand the question.

As I understood the word ‘support’ it thought it meant customer support.
I do now understand you mean that the OS you want to use is ‘officially supported’ to be used by Cubase 11.

What I would try:
Uninstall Cubase 12 and make sure it is deactivated. Then download and install Cubase 11 and try to activate it. (Not sure at all this could work, but I’d give it a shot)

Won’t work unless you have a eLicenser. And if you have an eLicenser, you most likely have an old Cubase version.

Yeah, no I meant that version 12 was officially supported by Mojave under system requirements on the Steinberg website.

Okay, makes sense…