Upcoming .030 Can We PLEASE Get A Fix To Color Picker (Hue)?

As you know, since 9.5, the whole Colour Picker system is BROKEN. Specifically, one cannot change the ‘Hue’ parameter of any of the color parameters that are part of a multiple ‘tree’ such as ‘Project Area Background’. It’s grayed out.

This destroys most any custom colour settings one may have had from previous versions of Cubase. The lack of backward compatibility alone makes it a bug in my book–let alone the fact that it functions differently from any program I have ever used before.

The net effect is to limit one’s colour palette to either all ‘reds’ or ‘blues’ or ‘yellows’. It’s ridiculous.

Steinberg, can you PLEASE make this part of the .030 hot fix?

+1… Hopefully you are pleading on bended knee. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Have you tried saving your colour palette in a previous version of Cubase and importing to 9.5. That is what I had to do with the pack I bought from seyoum - I had to import it afresh. I always have to add it as a default for every track that I work on from previous versions.


Whoops! I should have read it more carefully.

(This is about User Interface-Color Scheme and Custom Colors, not the Project Colors used by the color tool, which were not changed.)