[UPDATE 2] Public beta for Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver for macOS

Hello everyone,

UPDATE - January 26, 2024
V4.0.2b to 4.0.3b
Now supports Steinberg UR-C V3.0 and the IXO12/IXO22 series.*

Since Apple has already declared that the Kernel Extension will be discontinued in future macOS, we decided to release a public beta of the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver.

The Version V4.0.3b is available only on the Steinberg forum exclusively.
This new driver uses the Driver Extension (System Extension) and not the older Kernel Extension solution anymore. It will prevent that the “Legacy System Extension” warning message appears.

Supported OS: macOS 13 and macOS 14
Supported Platform: Apple silicon (no Intel CPU support)
Supported Models:

It is no longer necessary to change security settings from recovery mode when installing drivers on a Mac with Apple silicon but allowing the driver in “Security & Privacy” is still required.

Please find here the link to the driver, the installation guide and the release notes.


Installation Guide

Release Notes

Please be aware that installing this driver is for technical evaluation only and the installation is the responsibility of the customer.

is there one for intel macs?

No, unfortunately, this one is for Apple silicon based systems only.

Hello. I got a message that very soon my current driver will not be supported by MAC OS. Do you plan to release the driver immediately after the upcoming update? It’s quite strange that you won’t release this driver update officially before and I’m confused by these lines.

The product that I paid for and depend on will stop working if I don’t update, but if something goes wrong , then it’s my fault? Please excuse me for my negativity, but could you clarify the situation given that the problem is quite significant and I am sure that I am not the only one.

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The macOS message regarding the drivers has been around for several macOS releases. We are closely monitoring the OS development and will release an official driver once we feel confident to do so and once it is necessary. Until then, the official driver can be used with all supported macOS releases.

Thank you

Any chance to check why it is not working on some of the systems? The official release notes don’t seem to solve the “kext not loading” issue in all the cases. I’ve personally detailed several of the failed efforts in some messages here in the forum.


It’s not working at all :frowning: I’m on Sonoma and bought a new computer and doesn’t show at all on my DAW, what’s going on? I’m on UR 824 and UR 242.

Yo! I’ve got a UR44 (original, not C) on Sonoma 14.4.1.

My DSP mixer is working, and I can hear audio through the mixer (and see the signal coming in). My device also appears in the Audio Midi Setup.

However - even after configuring the device in Ableton, no audio is ‘entering’ the DAW. No visual or audible signal. Is this an issue with my DAW?

Neeeevermind! I had Ableton’s access to the microphone disabled in Mac security settings, which apparently is used to allow (or disallow) audio from any input device, including interfaces, to reach said app.

I did a complete fresh install of MACOS and have been using my UR28m for the last couple of weeks now using this driver and it has been working well but I’m noticing pops and clicks on my recordings. Strangely I couldn’t SEE the pops or clicks in the visual wav file in cubase, even when I zoomed in to the highest level and yes they did occur at the same points throughout the recording so I could create a lop with them in.
I recorded some guitar from my axe fx via SPDIFand noticed it had pops and clicks. so I re-recorded it using the Axe Fx as the interface and it wasn’t a problem. Since then I have noticed random things like Screenflow recordings using the UR28m in loopback mode are showing pops and clicks.

16" MacBook Pro 2021 M1pro, 32gig ram, 4tbHD
UR28M > Belkin USB 3 powered HUB > USBc HDMI and USB dongle> MacBook Pro

UPDATE - Still testing it but The problems seem to have gone away for now in new recordings since I set the mix precision to 64bit.

UPDATE UPDATE - It’s still an issue. It’s very strange. Might be time for a new interface.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE - After testing USB cables, different microphones and even ferrite cores I decided to install Yamaha driver 3.1.7 and all my problems have disappeared. No more clicks or pops.
I’m guessing the next time Apple will launch an operating system it’ll probably break compatibility with the old Yamaha driver and I’m guessing Steinberg aren’t too worried about a little known 13 year old interface so I guess it’s upgrade time.

Hallo @Ed_Doll, Thanks a lot for sharing this updated driver! I use UR24M & UR824 and it is WORK Perfectly on my SONOMA 14.5 M2 Pro! At first it didn’t work. but after I enabled System Extension everything finally worked normally. Thank You!