Update 8.0.2

Any information when the update 8.0.2 will be available ?

It will be available in june. The exact date, it’s not possible to say now. I guess closer to mid-june than the end of the month.

sounds good. Thanks :smiley:

we are at mid June… do you mean July?

most importantly will this one take care of the UAD/Slate… plugin issues in 32 bit on the MAC? (Please say yes…)

I mean June.
Yes, UAD works ok in WaveLab 8.0.2 OSX 32 bit.
Slate, I did not test, but if that’s the iLok issue, that’s ok too.

So like in “days”…sweet!


Should be around the corner now:)

True PG?:slight_smile:


Still june, but maybe closer to the end than the mid month :wink:

Ehm, 17th today; 30 days in June - 13 left. Closer to end than mid, so that’s 17 + 6,5 give or take: Monday 24th it is! :sunglasses:

Bummer, I was really hoping that today or tomorrow would be the day of the update. I really want to utilize the new master plugin chain that is saved as part of the montage, but with my high latency Ozone 5 settings, and sometimes tight endings to rendered files, I still have to use the original master section and save and reload manually because of the bug that occurs at the end of such files as we discussed in another thread.

Can you confirm that this latency issue will at least be fixed with version 8.0.2?

Yes, the latencey issue izotope told me about, has been fixed.

I have the feeling WL 8 user must be very patience. :wink:

For some functions (Renovator) I still must use WL 7, and it’s absolute annoying to jump from one version to the other.

I hope the update will release shorty, so that I can go back to normal work.

No patience here anymore:) Update will make my life lot easier. Cmon!!:))

Same here…all the bug fixes etc. due in 8.0.2 will be a huge improvement, almost as much as WL8 itself.

Let’s hope for a Monday release at the latest.

Too bad, I thought that the update would appear before the weekend. :blush:
It would give me the opportunity to make all the settings on the weekend, and then to start my work on monday as usual. Now I have to spent another day to make these adjustments.
The first time that I’m not very happy with Steinberg. I think WabeLab came to early. This was a “Beta” Version. :confused:

The first release of WL8 was very “beta” looking back. At least with a beta version you expect issues to come up and not spend time on forums trying to troubleshoot a simple issue like creating a DDP image without an error message, or having to re-render hundreds of files because Ozone latency is too much for the new master section stored within the montage, and then still having to use the old master section method of saving and reloading the master section with each montage. Then there is the whole iLok issue, which luckily didn’t affect any plugins I regularly use, but I can feel for others that haven’t been able to load plug-ins that they rely on.

Luckily we had PG here to help us through most of the problems, but the time spent trying to solve these issues, and continuing to work around these issues (until 8.0.2 hopefully) is more than I would expect from an official release of an established piece of software.

Well, to you maybe, but in my view WL 8.0.1 is sooo much better than WL7 - certainly not beta to me. But then, I don’t have any iLok stuff and don’t care about DDP production…

Maybe today???

I hope so!

In the meantime it will be annoying. I have to plan my personnel resources, for testing WL8 after the update, if all runs in the correct way, and currently I can’t plan annything, as nobody can give me an answer when the update will be available.
Unfortunately I don’t use WaveLab 8 not for fun. I have intergreated this software in my daily business, and every additional hour costs me money. Currently I switched back to WL 7, as I have no other chance.

First rule of “business” - never rely on some untested and new version of anything - for production work.

If you are serving customers - and running a business - then WL7 is exactly where you should be right now. If you have issues with “planning” (or lack thereof) - you need to learn to manage your business and your priorities better. Take care of your customers first and worry about testing some dinky update much later.

As I am in the exact same situation as you - WL8 is nothing but a test bed for anything until I am absolutely certain it can handle actual production. At this point we have no idea if 8.02 will be good, bad or ugly.

But I am certainly not annoyed that the update is not here yet. It is what it is. Definitely not worth getting annoyed over…