Update file in Pool for new length?

Is there a way to update a file’s info properties in the Pool so that Cubase/Nuendo recognize changes in length to the source file?

EX: Project references music cue. Cue has been edited and is now longer. Open project that references music cue, but the extra length isn’t available. The DAW still thinks the file is 57sec instead of the actual 90sec present.

I can see the file in the Pool… but the pool identifies the old length. Would love a “Right-Click to Update file” or similar. Does this exist?

Good question, I also once looked for such a function but didn’t look for long. Would be interested if something like that was available.

Had another user recommend an interesting workaround… “Find the image-file created by Cubase/Nuendo in the images folder, and delete it. Then reload the project to force Cubase to rescan those files.”

Haven’t tried it yet, but it seems logical. My typical workaround is to “left-align cursor to event” - select audio in pool - remove event - remove from pool - import same file name at cursor position. That sucks as a process… but it works.