Update, M1, Vocalign Ultra

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Is there any news when there will be a Cubase 11 version running on M1?


Is there any news when Cubase will be updated to version 11.0.10 or 10.5.30? Which will work in the ARA2 VocAlign Ultra environment?



not as yet - or rather nothing official :wink:

SB have announced that there will be an Nuendo update in the next couple of weeks or so - and I expect that there will be a Cubase update in a similar timeframe…but that’s just a guess :slight_smile:

RE; VocAlign Ultra - this only came out yesterday and I’m a little unclear where the issue with ARA2 lies - Is this on Cubase’s side or on Synchro Arts ? I heard that Studio One have updated something…

I think it’s worth asking Synchro Arts, as they are the ones advertising it as working with all ARA2 hosts…and they are more likely to know the answer…historically SB haven’t been forthcoming with that kind of information.

as a moany aside - I hope that ARA2 is implemented in VocAlign Ultra better than in Revoice Pro. Of all the ARA2 plugs I have (melodyne/spectralayers/autoalign post) RV4pro is by far the most badly done…just sayin’ :smiley:

I wrote this post because there is info on the Synchro arts website:

“ARA Support is coming in Cubase 10.5.30 and Cubase 11.0.10
If you are using an earlier verison of Cubase you can use the plug-in in real time mode”

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ahh - ok, I hadn’t seen this…thanks for the update - As I said I’m GUESSING the next couple of weeks or so…but as I said Steinberg always tend to leave this vague…just in case things don’t work out as expected.

this was the (very quiet) N11 update announcement

… we just have to wait for Steinberg to share some specific info :slight_smile:

And by the way … I’m testing VocAlign Ultra realtime. And it worked great :slight_smile:

I’m waiting impatiently for it to work in ARA2 :slight_smile:

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Synchro Arts Support Info email:
ARA support for VocAlign Ultra in Cubase and Nuendo requires an update that Steinberg will release soon.
In the meantime, VocAlign Ultra will work as a VST3 plug-in.
Please unedrstand that this is a Steinberg implementation matter – not our problem to fix.

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Just asked. Martin confirmed update not yet finalised for release.


This was shared in another thread where a user received this message from a Steinberg support rep, looks a LONG way off to me:-

I don’t believe for a single minute that comment came from an official SB team member. Not for a SINGLE minute.


just to confirm that I don’t believe there has been any ‘official’ announcement about the release date for an M1 version of C11

The ‘Vocalign Ultra’ C11 update should be available soon(ish) as it’s been announced on the SynchroArts website and SB have announced that the Nuendo N11 update is due very soon.

Bear in mind I have no ‘inside knowledge’ it’s just what I’ve gleaned from reading A LOT of posts !

Official or unofficial Cubase 11 does not work at all on M1.

i still can’t fathom the fact, that steinberg is doing that to their users. i just bought a brand new macbook pro m1 and i can use virtually every software on the face of the earth with rosetta except for cubase 11. i have been using cubase since sx2 and it’s funny: steinberg is the only big vendor that forces me to frequently check the forum in order to find out whats wrong with the software. i never, never ever had that with a different pro-software company. i just spent 2000 bucks on a new macbook and just found it c11 doesnt even run on intel big sur…but hey I CAN’T DOWNGRADE so i’m fkd.

poor poor business decisions if you ask me.

my 2 cents

Drama much?
#1. Before you spent $2k on a new MacBook, prolly should have done a little research. Steinberg has had the warning up since the announcement.
#2. C11 issue isn’t necessarily an M1 issue… it’s for sure a Big Sur issue. And they’re working on it.
#3. In the meantime, stop feeling like you’re being fornicated and just use 10.5 until…
#4. Always remember, you have options. NOBODY is forcing you to use Cubase. Plenty of other DAW vendors for you to spew your vitriol at.

Just MY 2 cents

you are right with #4

One of my options is to buy whatever the F i want and complain as much as i want whereever i want.
If i spent close to 5 Digits on Steinberg Products throughout my professional years i can expect to have at least similar timelines to other big daw vendors, no?
I mean, all other daws work on Rosetta since day 1. I’m tired of people defending Steinberg for no apparent reason.

We get it, programming a daw isn’t simple, and having a few people in management dictating developers what to fix and when to fix it is quite disgusting ( been there done that), but i want to use C11 just as much as every body else, so even tho i’m venting (just like many others), i’m actually rooting for Steinberg to fix it, just as i rooted for Steinberg to fix the horrible 10.5 GUI Lags on MacOS for over a year. (yes, a whole year).

So. Drama? maybe. but every project i can batch multitrack bounce on C11 new feature while working on another project on another machine saves me a couple hundred dollars for every Live Show i prepare for TV.

I honestly don’t care how and if they fix it, i will moan as much as i want until Cubase users get what should already be there and frankly, i don’t care if you agree :slight_smile:

Got it… you didn’t want any help… just crying. Not a problem and I apologize for misunderstanding.
Do you, bro.


PS. I was actually right on all 4 points :slight_smile:

  1. Agree.
  2. After you do the research you will find that Cubase 11 is compatible with Big Sur, just check the selling page.
  3. The upgrade had a cost of 100 Euro.
  4. After you pay 600 Euros for Cubase you are kindly forced to work with it. If Steinberg will give my money back I will be happy to switch to another daw.

As a big company as it is Steinberg should keep the good work for new systems because many of us have switched from windows Vista. 15 years ago, a Studio did not had internet because they where afraid not to broke anything. Today, a lot of music that you listen on radio is made in a plane, or car, or hotel room from a laptop. As another example, from 2016 the MacBook doesn’t have a USB port anymore, but Steinberg sold 8 versions of cubase with the same old licensing system. They where not able to create at least a USB-C version of the licenser. I know already your answer, I was like you when I did not had a Mac and a laptop.

Just be patient fellas. Honestly… seriously.
Steinberg have already announced 11.0.10 for Nuendo and there are posts from companies that work with Steinberg on Cubase that have indicated that Cubase will be updated soon as well.
I would FULLY expect CB11 to work via Rosetta 2 after that update. I also FULLY expect a native version for the M1’s to take a while. Just as things did with the PPC -> Intel transition.


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Let’s hope so!!!

Well, this is the problem when a company buries its head in the sand and doesn’t inform users as to what is going on. That’s the only piece of information i’ve seen, and yet we don’t even know if it’s official stance or not. It’s very poor, really.

I could understand if the hardware didn’t exist, but people have these in their hands and the reports coming from Audio reviews suggest that they’re incredibly good machines.