Update Snafu

Continuing the discussion from Cubase 12.0.70 maintenance update:

I just updated from .60 to .70.
I’m in the middle of a semi large project.
60 tracks or so, nothing major.
Lots of plugins but it ran fine at about 66% CPU.
I just did the update and changed nothing. Now it wont paly at all.
Just stutters all over the place.
How do I roll back to .60 please.
Completely stuck for the weekend. Not very happy about this.

Hello there,
Just to answer the question:
You can find the installer here:

(srcoll down till you see the ‘older installers’ )

But I do strongly encourage you to contact support.

As @Fantom says.

In addition, last night I had a similar issue, and my workaround was to create a brand new project, inserting the most used vsts of the non-working project into the new one. I saw that it took some (not many but noticeable compared to the previous version) seconds to load them. Afterwards, I could finally open up my old working project. Seems to me that there was a time failure upon initialising the plugins.