Cubase 12.0.70 maintenance update

The Cubase 12.0.70 maintenance update is now available. The main purpose of this maintenance update is the support of the improvements in the VST 3 SDK for plug-in developers. In addition to this, we integrated some fixes for the track import and the MIDI Remote areas, and added support for the Spatial Connect plug-in by our friends from Dear Reality.

The update is immediately available for download via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

More details in the release notes.


Don’t you mean ’ release NOTE’ .Where’s the recognition of fixes for all the graphical reports since .60 and before ? This really doesn’t install any confidence in updating to the latest release

Thanks for the update!
It’s not specifically mentioned, but is there any chance there’s a fix for the problem where Tempo Track interaction becomes laggier and laggier if multiple tracks are open in Score Editor?
This is proving to be a real showstopper for me with my orchestral music production.


If it’s not mentioned in the release notes, then there are no fixes on those topics in this version.

Regarding the graphical issues, we are checking all the crash dump reports that are sent to us. If you are still experiencing issues, please get in contact with us.


I have a feeling that users are more interestd in information on potential fixes rather than reassurance you’re checking the reports.

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If you point me to a specific report or crash dump, I am able to check the status whether it was already fixed, planned for a fix or couldn’t be reproduced.


Thanks for the update.

Hope the midi script issue (introduced with 12.0.60) for the Launchkeys series is solved.

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Same old story @Martin.Jirsak reported loads of graphical issue posts over the last few months to Steinberg so you say ,non of those have been addressed ?

I’ve talked to Martin and he couldn’t point me to anything specific that is still open.

Then the release notes do not reflect the ‘under the hood’ fixes to all the graphical issues you received in my opinion . and that’s my point , there’s nothing in this release to justify ‘taking the risk’ because nothing has been listed for the people that reported the graphical issues and you say if nothings listed the issue still remains ?

Hello Matthias,

what about this one:

(CAN-42304). This was introduced in C12 ( a regression bug, worked in C11) and never fixed. Annoying as F***, tbh…

not graphical, not new, but Render in place still renders incorrect Audio in certain situations:

(CAN-43222) Also, not a funny bug, because it is not always immediately noticable.

Both reported a year ago or so…

Edit: Just for fun I checked some of the bug listed here, and they don’t seem to be fixed. Granted, some of them are edge cases and do not affect me personally (those would be the two mentioned above).


Unfortunately both of these issues didn’t get the priority yet to get fixed. But they are still on the list as far as I can see.

But will they be fixed in further C12 patch updates or do I have to pay for an update to C13 or whatever comes next to get a fixed version? Because frankly, I am not very inclined to do that…


Currently there is no further maintenance update scheduled for the Cubase 12 generation. So, yes, it’s very likely that all additional fixes and improvements will only be available with the next major update. It’s not that we are holding back fixes by purpose. It’s just that we have to balance the resources that we allocate to maintenances and future development. Unfortunately this means that we can’t fix all issues that are reported even though this might be the expectation by some of our customers. It’s always an iterative process, but we are trying to carefully prioritise every day how we can improve Cubase in the right direction.


Matthias, to be honest, this is quite disappointing. The first bug I mentioned was one that was newly introduced in C12, and I have to pay that it maybe gets fixed sometime?? Do you know how annoying it is to always have to re-setup the sample editor windows if you close the window while being on the “definition” tab (and forgot to switch to some other tab? Imho it should be a matter of honor to at least fix the bugs that get newly introduced in a major version - especially if it worked fine in the previous version! - before making customers pay for updates.

Regarding the Render-in-place but, tbh I fail to understand how a bug that leads to audio being rendered incorrectly is not a priority bug (and has been since at least C11) but that might just be me.

You should at least consider offering the people who went through the effort of reporting the bugs to your (extremely slow responding, btw!) support some kind of upgrade voucher…


I expect you to have a sturdy ,robust Graphics system in Cubase , it’s weak , very fragile and this is a little sad to hear that what’s broken remains broken . It’s that time of update path that we encounter every time , pay to update to get the fixes and more broken features AGAIN .
Cubase is to fragile for me as it stands
Why did C12 take 3 attempts of graphics cards while C11 runs them all ?


It’s a bizarre business practice to charge money for an update that introduces a bug, and then charge more for even the possibility that it might get fixed at some point, but only if you pay for this new update again…

I’m not one for complaining about bugs, I get it, they happen. But why not focus time on ironing things out, before developing the software further to only introduce new bugs on top of the ones that were never fixed?


Interesting is that prioritized bugs are the ones that aren’t loud enough here. Lot of the times something is fixed that is barely on the forum.
It would be like suddenly this is fixed which I am doubt anyone really care.

And yet we have pages for some issues that are really loud here but no attention from Steinberg.

Lot of people in recent years complaining about quality control of the Cubase since some obvious things gets screwed in maintenance updates like fese pointed out. Is there enough beta testers?

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I understand that some of you disgree with our priorities on fixes. We doing our best to find a good balance and we are carefully evaluating the “next to be fixed” list every day. We just have to find a balance. Some issues have workarounds, some only happen on specific systems that and are only relevant for a small group of users, some issue need broader developments or are related to areas that will be redesigned anyway in the future. In those cases they are usually part of a major update. It’s not an easy task for our teams to decide what to fix first and what to postpone.