Update the Project Logical Editor GUI - - -> MAKE THE PRESETS MENU AN INTEGRATED BROWSER, create a button board

The Project Logical Editor should have a presets menu that is modernized like most other browser menus in plugins, mediabay/right zone browser, etc.

I have many of my PLE presets binded to keys, but I only have so many keys

I would like to see the archaic presets dropdown menu, become an integrated pop-out browser for example like you see in Groove Agent:

And a virtual button board that lets users quickly and easily assign PLE presets to virtual buttons, organized with paged tabs at the top.

Allow re-naming and colouring of the buttons - - resizing and different shapes would be a plus.

It’s maybe also possible, to also have these buttons be macros themselves containing more than one PLE script that run in succession.

Make it so MIDI #'s can be assigned to the buttons for triggering them - someone can quickly turn their drumpads into a PLE trigger interface.


See https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=286&t=170286

Another thing that needs to be fixed with PLE, is graphical refresh

And another thing that needs to be fixed with PLE integration, is PLE can’t target default preference set track colours. ie, whatever the default colour is for an audio track when it is added, the PLE cannot target it even if you have added that colour to the pallet of which you are using in the PLE script:

These ideas also maybe pertain to peoples issues with groove presets menus:

This would be handy to organize quantization presets as well! There is the same problem with large amounts of presets

Perhaps it’s possible to implement this in the media bay window.

THX @lovegames

Curious as to how you are using this Quantization Presets that has resulted in you ending up with so many?

Back in the days, I worked with a lot of iconic hardware samplers and groove boxes (for example E-mu SP-1200, a bunch of Akai Samplers, ASR Sampler, Roland 808 & 909 and so on). Moving “into the box” I missed the swing of these machines so I started to sample them (and saved the quantization) - here we are today with hundreds of presets :wink:

Interesting, maybe if Steinberg tidied this up, there would be incentive for people to share/trade Quantize Presets…

If I’m not mistaken, utilizing this could also be the way to overcome lack of tuplet grid snap people complain about

Good ideas, but the Button idea should be expanded to include Macros, Key Commands, LE Presets etc.

Yeah I was thinking that, although there would be a work around as is to just use the macro selector in PLE… but then you’d have to create a bunch of single keycommand macros

Basically if you look at the Key Command dialog it lets you assign a Keystroke to any of those items. So they could probably easily hook into that code to add button assignments.

It would also be nice if the buttons could “light up” as a status indicator. For example, I almost always have my Cursor set to Return To Start in Preferences. But sometimes I want to turn that off so I have a KC to do that. Works great except there is no way to tell if the Preference is on or off. A button could easily show the current state.

Ahh yes, have the toggle states reflected on the buttons, smart.

Could also potentially allow the buttons to be key commanded as well, and it would be per button page

ie, you could use ctrl+NumPad 0-9 assigned to buttons on the Edit page, and then the same 0-9 could be assigned to different things on the Selection page - whatever page is visible is the one that is triggered.

A further thought on this, it would be great if PLE scripts could be triggered just straight from the menu as an option. The Groove Agent menu can actually do this for Instrument Presets without loading them onto pads/into a kit.