Updating to Cubase 12 – STATUS UPDATE – Monday, March 7th

All steps taken but there are no steps described to take…

“You will be now directed to website and you can just follow the steps described there.”

No email is ever received and the link, which was previously broken, just takes you to /cubase/new-features/ web page

EDIT: Ive an open ticket that no one has replied to.

Just to be clear, the upcoming products on our roadmap will all switch across to Steinberg Licensing over the next 12-18 months. We’re still working on the options of what can be done to allow licenses on our older products to be switched across to allow people so lose the USB eLicenser.

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Please bear with us, we’re working as hard as we can to get back to everyone.

Hi @Matthias_Quellmann,

I activated in Jan 2022.

I did have an issue recently (last month) where I had to purchase a new dongle and have all licenses transferred over - would that make a difference?

We’ll be fine. It will just take some time.

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I’m still receiving “No Licenses Found” when I run the grace period check. My upgrade was purchased on 11/25/21 and activated shortly after that date.

Everything works at the moment, but Cubase 12 doesnt show up in “My Product Downloads” in the Download Assistant - is that a problem?

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No. Only cosmetic.

Any advice on this?

A few other users are reporting that if their eLCC.exe is running administrator then the grace period check can’t detect the licenses. Could you double-check whether the property is ticked to “Run as Administrator” or not?

If you’re seeing the “server is not available” the advice is to wait a short time and retry. We’re seeing the load on the eLicenser servers slowly returning to normal so you should have a greater chance of success.

This is one of my issues with Steinberg for the last few releases of Cubase.

No real tech support, no one you can phone in your own country (calling overseas on a mobile is TOO expensive).

Very little tech or in depth information on thier website or in the user manuals.

They expect users to post in this forum which Steinberg then ignores or just provides a casual answer, or they expect the good users of this forum to do their tech support for them.

For a big and well known company like Steinberg, and for a so called “market leader” like Cubase they should have dedicated 24/7 tech support phone lines like the used to. I say 24/7 because a lot of studios operate day and night sessions.

The old UK Tech Support team were brilliant and would stay on the phone with you until your problem was sorted no matter how long it took. They really cared unlike Steinberg today since they were bought by thier current owners,


Thanks Ben, just to be clear, you are saying that if i keep trying over the period of a few hours, like every 5 mins there is a chance this will work?

many thanks

I’m not Ben, but I would say there’s no point to trying every 5 minutes. I would say wait a day and then try.

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Same here. I bought an upgrade license for Cubase Elements 11, I’ve changed hardware and reactivated the license for the new pc: the old license is eligible for grace period but on a eLicenser deactivated, the new license (after reactivation process) is not eligibile! Please help us !

P.S. I still use the old pc but without Cubase and the eLicenser is still installed but deactivated, to run maintenance i followed this Application 'LCC2' has caused... error: Process with the ID NOT found - #8 by Spkat and the license is eligible! so I’m 100% sure the problem is reactivation

eLicenser continues to fail for me on the “Recovering License Transactions” step. Been like this all day yesterday (tried multiples times throughout the day) and continues this morning.

nice to hear . i also have been confused that “my products” in dlm still shows cb 11 ai and pro but not cb 12
my elicenser usb is now empty after so cant start cb11 any more
cb12 is activated and downloaded from the other section in the dlm
cb12 is working . so all good besides “my products” in dlm and lost cb11 since now also lost as seen in the CuBase 12 Release Notes
> ### Due to technical reasons the following plug-ins and technologies have been removed from the product scope
> * * VST instruments: Mystic, Prologue, Specter, LoopMash are no longer included in the factory content of Cubase.

I have an elicense and it says I am eligible for the upgrade from Cubase 11 to 12.
I go to the website and it shows I have an elicense too as does my download assistant.
Obviously I am using Cubase Elements 11.
But when I go the the activation manager, it states I have no products. So I can’t update.
Am I doing something wrong???