Updating to Cubase 12 – STATUS UPDATE – Monday, March 7th

Hi @Trevor_H - welcome to the forums! Does eLicenser Control Center show the Cubase Elements 11 license as “grace period eligible” too?

Are you able to successfully run the maintenance process in eLicenser Control Center? or is that failing for you?

Same question - does the maintenance task work in eLicenser Control Center for you?

@Ben_at_Steinberg, the maintenance process works fine and it finishes with success. The license just don’t appear as “Grace period eligible”. Pictures below:

I was able to upgrade to C12, but in the process I lost my C11 license in the transfer process. When I go to “recover” the license it fails every time. It’s been like this since last Friday when I upgraded to C12. Any thoughts on how I can recover my C11 license?

I purchased Cubase 11, November /29/2021, because of the special offer to get V12 when it was released. So I have a license for V.11 and it runs (can’t shut it off sometimes though).
I just now updated all software that I could find within reach and am using a brand new copy of download manager.
The Download manager gave me the software for V.12 and I installed it.
But now V12 gives me a splash screen saying I don’t have a license. SAM, when I run that for grace period check, says I don’t have any upgradeable license.
I am trying to stay positive at this point but it’s really very hard to do that.
I followed the instructions given here

There I read : “in the menu you will get to the new product overview where you will find Cubase 12 in your account.”
I did not find Cubase 12 in my account so the promise of an upgrade is looking to have failed. I can send a copy of my invoice if need be.
Please help

Hi Ben,

Yes Maintenance task works fine (Element 11 - see below).

But no licenses found on the Steinberg Activation Manager

Thank you for your support


100%, I re-installed it about 5 times. I’m not getting the Activation Manager 1.2 no matter how many times I download it. It keeps giving me an old version. Could it be because I already downloaded Cubase 12?

@Ben_at_Steinberg I’ve the same problem as @AlexVasy but I’m quite sure that it doesn’t work because of reactivation.

I bought an upgrade license for Cubase Elements 11, I’ve changed hardware and reactivated the license for the new pc: the old license is eligible for grace period (but the eLicenser is deactivated), the new license (after reactivation process) is not eligibile in the new eLicenser!

P.S. I still use the old pc but without Cubase and the eLicenser is still installed but deactivated, to run maintenance i followed this Application ‘LCC2’ has caused… error: Process with the ID NOT found - #8 by Spkat and the license is eligible.

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If you’re on Windows, try manually uninstalling from Programs and Features, or Aps and Features.

Does that allow the proper install?

I did not know that I had to go in to the new “Steinberg Activation Manager” to look for Grace Period Check.
But after i did that, it all did work with the activation and I’m now up and running on Elements 12.
But I had never guessed it, if i had not read alle these comments in this topic :slight_smile:

Hi Ben,

The elicenser Control Center just shows Cubase Elements 11.

‘Grace Period Eligible’ is not showing in the text.

@Fabrizio_Rizzi, I believe you might be right because both of us have in common that we reactivated the license since we bought it. That might be a good detail to begin with while trying to investigate this problem.

Yes, after 3 days of sitting with this Activation Manager box open and trying the Activate button every so often to see if I get a lucky take-off slot on the licencing server, I’m afraid I’m still on the tarmac!

Nope, that didn’t work.

@Tom_Kaduk What files are in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\Activation Manager?

I upgraded to 12Pro with a Grace Period today 7 March 2022 11am with no problems.

My attempts to get Cubase 12 working again. (It worked last night, albeit with a transport bar issue with fast forward and reverse staying on unless you press the stop button). Have now ended up with me screwing up access to Cubase 11. I’ve been in an endless loop of elicencer maintainance, closing down things in task manager, attempt to start Cubase, Check the new activation manager, with countless errors.
I should have left well alone. Cubase 11 was working perfectly.

Tag 5!!! immer noch keine E-Mail!

Day 5!!! Still no EMail!

Grace Period Eligible - click update - no answer from Steinberg! We are not in Midage! We are in 21st century!!!

I am really disappointed!

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