Updating to Cubase 12 – STATUS UPDATE – Monday, March 7th

I’m upgrading from Cubase Elements 11 to Cubase Artist 12. It keeps saying I should transfer my soft eLicenser to a dongle. And it’s going to expire tomorrow. I really don’t know what to do or what will happen.

Hi @wu_yuxuan201 I will sent you a PM!

Thank you so much, it worked!

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It works! That’s awesome. Thank you for the quick and timely help!

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Hello to all,
The expiration date (April 2) has arrived. I can’t use Cubase Artist 12 anymore.
I have already sent 3 emails to the support services (the 3rd one is in response to their request to send them all the elements, which I did).
What should I do? Is it possible to get a temporary key?
Thanks for your help! I am blocked

I’ve sent you a PM - let me know how you get on.

Hello Ben,
It works perfectly!
See my more complete answer in PM.
Many thanks for your support and responsiveness!


After receiving the email (action needed 7 days left) from Steinberg with my activation code, when entering this, I’m getting the error below.

When just opening the eLicenser, I can see Cubase Pro 11 (Upgraded to Cubase 12 with steinberg licensing) but when opening cubase, I get 4 days left?

I’ve upgraded from cubase 11 pro to 12 pro.

Please advise


Yup - I just received this exact email (7 days…) too. It tells me i need to plug back in a USB e licenser (which i have removed since I thought i didnt need it anymore?)… ill try plugging that in and see what happens…

Hi @mark.stothard, what does is say in the Steinberg Activation Manager about your Cubase 12 license? Could you please sent me a screenshot in a private message?


I read everything in a row… I also have a problem with Cubase update 12. Support is silent

Hi @ladorecordz, could you please explain what your issue is exactly? Please sent me a PM with some details and we will get it sorted.

Hi Matthias, after restarting my PC, the error seems to have gone for now.

I was getting frustrated too, so slowed down and read instructions again, I was not going into activation manager, when I did I clicked on upper right corner where little face was and click for upgrade, it said an email will be sent and to my amazement there it was with Access code but could not download from download assistant so I tried Cubase download hub and when I downloaded from there and install Cubase 12 Boom, it was all good.

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Well, Damn. After reading all of this, there is NO way I will attempt to upgrade to 12 Pro.

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