Upgrade of an EDU license


I have purchased an EDU version of Cubase Elements, and I am now contemplating an upgrade towards Cubase Pro. I don’t find a way to perform this upgrade. It seems to be easy for the regular (i.e. non EDU) version, but I can’t find a similar procedure for EDU stuff. Is this possible ? How should I do ? Thanks.

Hi ludovic.theater and welcome to the forum.

You can just go ahead and purchase the relevant upgrade.

Thank you.

But my question is about how to purchase this relevant upgrade. I have already paid €99 for the EDU version of Cubase Elements. If I go on Steinberg Page, click on “Buy Cubase 12 Pro”, I have the choice between either “buy Cubase Pro EDU” for €359, or “upgrade from Cubase 12 Elements” which costs €479. The former is the cheaper option, but it does not recognise that I already paid €99 for the EDU version of Elements. Maybe I should contact Steinberg directly.

Or read the documentation at: Education Discount on Steinberg Products | Steinberg