Upgraded to 11.0.10. Can't change metering colors anymore... :(

Title says it all.

Anyone else?

Not seeing that here on Windows.

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I’m running windows too. Latest build.

Trashing preferences doesn’t help… :frowning:

Stuck with the ugly green meters in the mix console.

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I tried to check but cubase just plain crashes on me if I change anything in settings//metering/appereance, tried with disabled preferences but also crashes.
(win 10, cb 11.0.10)
Only if i hit ok though, when I do apply and then cancel, my changes are still there when I open the prefs next time, but the colors stay the same.

This really sounds like a prefs thing. Have you started Cubase in safe mode to rule that out?

Mine are a new green as well, but it seems like I can still choose the color in the preferences

Here is working as expected in Windows 10

My meter color settings got reset to default as well but I was able to change them back.

Same. Not a deal-breaker, but why have ‘colours’ always been so fraught in Cubase?

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I also hate this change, WHY???
But I could make them like theye were again. But a waste of time offcourse, they should not be changed at all. ANd why (I saved my preferences) can I not recall my preferences including my metering coloring?
Steinberg don’t fix what ain"t broken, but they are deaf concerning such matters.


Starting Cubase with default prefs doesn’t change a thing.

Same on Mac. Changing prefs doesn’t help.

I can change colors just fine on my Mac…

As a side note… the amount of vitriol on this forum is astounding.


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I had to change them back to my beloved shades of blue and dark yellow in preferences. Not a big deal, but still annoying. Using MacOS.

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On Mac mojave these are all changed to +3db digital meter. My colour scheme is still there on my unusual digital meters but it will not allow me to change to them when I press apply.
I can only change colours of the +3db but cannot change the meter channels to anything else.
My main stereo meter is still correct as before.
This is on Nuendo 11.0.10 Mac intel

Yup. Channel meters are now using +3db digital meter scale and can’t be changed. :frowning:
I have to change the colors manually for that scale but you can’t use another scale for channel meters.

Why Steinberg, why? Why must everything be so difficult? Why are you always botching something with every upgrade?!?


So whats the conclusion ,can you change the colours of the meters after they have been reset to default with the update ?

My Meter Color settings are NOT visible in the mixer anymore… These settings are vital to my workflow, so I have to go back to Cubase 11.0.0 (and Nuendo 11.0.0).

How they break such things in a minor update is way beyond me… Funk you!