Upgraded to 11.0.10. Can't change metering colors anymore... :(

Doesn’t work for me either.
Win11, Cubase 12.0.51 :disappointed_relieved:

Hi, maybe check this post and the replies that follow, just in case this is your issue. :slight_smile:

Well - I got the colors working, but I’m confused as to which scale to use. They don’t correspond…


Are you looking at the numbers on the fader, rather than the the ones in the area that lights up to the right of the fader?

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I’m looking at the numbers on the fader. One goes from 0 to +6, the other one from -50 to + 3 :thinking:

These are different things. Look at where the meter is, on the dark part on the right. See how high this 0 line is? That’s the 0 just below the maximum +3dB that the meter will depict, and it’s this part (the meter) that the colors from the preference page affect.

The numbers you are looking at on the left just demark the fader’s position, they are not related to the meter scale and colors.