Upgraded to 11.0.10. Can't change metering colors anymore... :(

Ah, ok. Mistook the fader scale for meter scale. Because I can’t get the scale on channel meter to change at all, no matter what preference I change.

The scale on the channel meter always shows 0 dBFS max. I think the meter is always showing pure digital scale, no matter what preference I choose. Color changes only work, if I choose +3 dB digital scale. Still, the actual scale on mix console stays pure digital (0 dBFS max). So I can’t get any other scale on channel meters working, and color changes work only with +3dB setting (still shows as pure digital scale).

Changing the fader max level from project settings works as expected. Also, master meter settings work as they should. But changing the console meter scale doesn’t work at all. And color changes are only possible when selecting +3dB setting for channel meters.