Upgrading from LE 4 to Elements 6

I’ve had Cubase LE 4 for a while now and am finally starting to figure it out. (Getting the input buses figured out drove me crazy!) I still have some problems with it. Mostly it just seems tempermental sometimes meaning it will skip during playback and export .wav files with skips in them. Other times it works perfectly. I’m wondering if it is because I’m using LE and whether or not Elements 6 would be worth the investment. On the other hand I’m conerned it my be my laptop and Elements will be the same. I’m running an Intel Core i5 dual core processor with 4 GB of RAM and plenty of hard drive space. Can anyone offer some advice? Thanks.

What is running in the background on this laptop when Cubase is also running?

I usually just boot up and go right to Cubase so it would just be Windows 7 startup programs. I’m sure the wireless modem connects to my network but that’s about it.

It is highly recommended to disable wireless devices while running Cubase.

Here is a good utility to run …


… it will show you if you have any spikes going on in the background causing interruptions.

Also, you might find some other useful info here …


Thanks. Any input on whether or not the upgrade from LE 4 to Elements 6 would be worth the money?

As far as I know there is no discounted upgrade path from LE4 to Elements 6.

To buy it outright I think it’s a great program for the money. You would have to look at the features and decide for yourself if it would be much of an improvement for you.

There is supposed to be an Elements 7 coming at some point, too. It might be worth waiting for in your situation.

I can’t say whether or not running Elements 6 instead of LE4 would change your computer issues (clicks, pops, etc.). I’m guessing not.

Those types of problems are generally audio interface/driver related and running at too low of a buffer/latency setting. That or background processes causing interference. But that’s been mentioned already.

Which brings up the big question …

What are you using for an audio interface/soundcard?

I’m using an M-Audio Fast Track audio interface. It’s a simple unit but it serves my purposes.