Upgrading to an i7 9700 from a 3770k

Silly question really . Im running on an unsupported machine and ive managed to find what i think is a great deal . even the 32gb of Corsair 3200 ram is worth the price alone so my question is will i see much of an improvement performance wise with Cubase with the 6 generation gap ?

Bought the bundle with a gigabytes motherboard from a very trusted source .
It will be a full new build so with the new licencing i can do a straight swap out .


I think you’d see an appreciable improvement, mainly due to the faster single-core speed.

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Wow , what a great resource there Steve , that’s a handy tool . Brilliant news , it was really just about getting back to a supportted machine but like others times are tough ,Im doubling up on Ram speed as well so should be able to handle the AA plugins a little better .
It’s something to build and test anyway .
I appreciate the input

Yep… you said it…silly question :wink:

Just for the record; Userbenchmark is really not a good tool to use to judge CPU performance, for different reasons. I would avoid it.

When i have a perfect running system that does 90% of what i want im always a bit warry off updating due to Steinberg not giving out Recommendations any more so i would rather stay behind with the tech so im buying tried and tested hardware but ,needed to make sure

Got anything to back this claim up ?

Yes. First of all the benchmarks are executed by users. So there’s no guarantee that the results you’re seeing are comparable. In other words there’s nobody adjusting for things like cooling etc. Secondly they use a weighting system which you’re likely unaware of, so until you read about it you won’t know if their overall score will skew heavily toward 1, 2, 4, 8 or more cores.

Hardware Unboxed did a video on the website a while back and you can check that out if you want.

Right now the best metric we have for how well a CPU performs on a DAW right now is DAWbench. I don’t really know of anything else that’s more relevant and better controlled (as only about two people/businesses share their results).

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Umm , well i like to do comparisons from a few different places and if out of 10 different places 7 of them say the same thing then … i don’t rely on 1 internet source to basic my next possible 7 years worth of use on , so , i’ll compare , cheers for the advice

Im a proper muso gearhead who’s lives on Bakes and spag all his life just to buy hardware :rofl: :+1: :heart:

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Well , the motherboard turns out to be the Z390 'master ’ version with 32gb of Rgb Corsair 3200 ram , as long as every thing works , i’ve have an over clocking beast apparently , not that i will . I’ll just do the usual , turn off the idol , run at 4.7 , disable hyper threads and see how i get on with the optimising .
If i need more power i can just swap out the Cpu for an i9 9th gen

I think the whole build :
New Corsair 110q case
Second hand Corsair RM650 Psu
Usb card
Motherboard bundle (cpu, ram )has come to the total of … £525 , and to get within spec with enough power to run the projects im running plus more , i think is a bloody good bargain .
No need for the latest and greatest

Well, i did expect that , booted straight off a never used clone drive , now to save a load of time im just wondering if it will be fine to just update windows and activate the licences .

The old machine has precisely this amount of software but all you to date , what would you recommend ?

I think ive answered my own question , no point in messing if she’s running this well

Hi FilterFreak.

Congrats on your new System. Triple M.2 is tasty. I’m still stuck on intel 6th Gen.

Do you know what type of temperature your CPU is running, at idle?

I ask this because of the CPU Cooler you have installed, seems to be of a lesser calibre, compared to the rest of your components’. If you run any extensive applications and the CPU Cooler isn’t sufficient enough, you may run into issues.

Core Temp is a CPU Temperature monitoring tool that might be worth installing, to monitor your temps, just to be on the safe side.

Also, Intels XTU software can stress test the CPU, mimicking extensive tasks, while displaying the current tempretures. Can also Overclock the CPU.

My first ever build, died on me because of poor cooling to the CPU, and having no Mobo speaker installed to warn me of an error. It started freezing and shutting down while rendering videos, until it no longer turned on.

30 degree’s on load , the coolers only temp to get the machine bench tested , i have a Corsair water cooler on the way so no issues . The Master board was designed for intense over clocking allowing two psu’s to power the cpu if need be , reports on this boards are it’s an over clockers dream and runing the i9 9900 they still couldn’t stress the board out , so im not tooo worried about the temp running at standard cpu setting (4.7)

Im used to dealing with re-pasting Cpu’s due to over heating ,lets put it that way

Those temps are way low on load, my i7 6950X runs at 30-35 degree’s on idle and up to 70 degrees on load.

I’ll be doing a full test tomorrow , all swapped over in a day , i will put it under the AA plugins test , my old 3770k only cut out only at 80 degree’s in the height of one of the hottest summers .
Concerning M2 , i will be cloning the drive over to M2 BUT ive been told that there is no advantage of Using all 3 M2 sockets because the bandwidth will suffer .
I can’t stress enough that this is purely a Steinberg Daw so while running Cubase , Wavelab ,HALion 6 or Spectral Layers ,there are absolutely no other programs running that are not required to run the OS ,sothe machine has alway right lightwieght , im also glad to stay within the Steinberg original recommendations of the Z series motherboards and chip sets .

i know you’re are trying to help but i know how make a machine run like new for 10 years , i might get bored in a couple of weeks and swap the chip out for the 9900k :rofl: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

Ps sorry about my spelling , i had an eye amputated and still trying to speed type , which isn’t easy lol

Oooh, stop teasing. Lol.

Yeah, I’m considering leaving the HEDT scene, for my next build, but that’s no time soon.

Good luck to you.

It is just a tease , im broke at the mo lol , here’s the Cpu and and MB temps just after half hour session with about a medium load project ,shut down and immediately went to bios , if i was making it up id only be fooling myslef . It’s pretty cool . so this cooler can handle what i need until the other arrives

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Hed T ?