UR interfaces audio drop outs (follow-up thread)

I’ll join the thread. Just bought the UR22 mkII and when monitoring with headphones via the UR22 headphone jack I’m getting regular dropouts every few seconds, regardless of whether it’s from my DAW, or youtube, or any sound file.

What I’m trying to do is play my Roland TD9 electric drums and record as midi, triggering EZ Drummer 2 software into Cubase LE AI Elements 8, on my laptop. My laptop is a Dell Vostro, 8GB DDR3 sdram, running 64 bit W7, dual core i5 2410M 2.3GHz with turbo speed up to 2.9GHz and onboard HD audio soundchip and IDT audio control panel.

The UR22 is unusable because as I record (or just listen) it cuts out randomly. I’ve tried with 5V power supply plugged into the wall. Used a different USB cable 28/24. Swapped between the built in Intel graphics and the AMD graphics in my laptop. Disabled the wi-fi network card. Closed down all browser windows. Don’t know what else to do and if I should return it (I’m still within a 30 day return period) and buy something like a Focusrite 2i4, if that might make any difference?

Someone on another forum suggested I should upgrade to windows 8.1 or 10 as the architecture changed to handle sound differently.

However, when I use the ASIO4ALL driver, I don’t get any dropouts. Sound quality seems about the same to me. But I can’t monitor from the UR22 headphone jack, I have to monitor via my laptop jack, and also I have no control of volume without using the UR22 headphone jack. But by using ASIO4ALL, it means I’m just using the Steinberg as a midi interface, and I just returned a Roland UN-ONE midi interface to buy an audio interface, ie, the UR22.

Ok, another one joining the club(Horrible dropouts every 5-10 seconds on UR22.
I had UR22 for more then a year and it was fantastic on my old computer I5-750, mb GB P55-UD3, 4gb ddr3 generic RAM, Corsair PSU. Just few days ago upgraded to i5-6600K, ASUS Z170-AR, Ripjaws 5 DDR4 3333Mhz 2X8GB.The rest is the same- same GPU, same harddrives (SSDs and HDDs)same Windows 7-64 sp1 (clean install after upgrade).And UR22
is just bad.Dropouts everywhere- in Cubase AI8, in browser…Tried everything- BIOS tricks described earlier here, different USB cables, unplug everything, disable everything, unable everything…I`m tired.Should I trow away UR22 or new motherboard?))) Hope, someone comes with solution to this nightmare.

Hi there. Having lots of problems with UR22. Ive sent my first post yesterday but for some reason its not here…well,Ill try to be quick. Had UR22 for more then a year with my old computer ( i5-750, GB P55-UD3, 4gb Generic ram) and it was fantastic. Last week upgraded to i5-6600k, ASUS z170-AR, 2x8gb Ripjaws 5 DDR4, and having problems with UR22.Dropouts every 3-5 seconds in any applications- Cubase AI8, Youtube and so on. After dping all the tricks and messing with drivers came to this- all usb2 and 3 sockets still have dropouts. Only when I connect UR22 to lan usb31-ea2 (supports usb 3.1 boost) I dont have any dropouts, but have lots of crackling sounds. Don`t know what to do anymore.

UR22Mk2 - Drops out randomly once every 5/10 minutes with windows media player or wavelab 9.

Mainboard: ASROCK N3700 ITX
16 GB Ram
Intel processor (4 core) 3700 1,60 GHZ
Win7 SP1 64 bits

I tried drivers 1,9,4 and 1,9,8, no change.
I tried different cables, external power supply (regulated 5V), different USB ports, usb2, usb3 of the mainboard.

The problem does not occur with the Realtek onboard audiointerface or with a Zoom R16 used as audio interface.

It´s going back to the shop tomorrow. Good luck.

Sorry, forgot to say- When I switch to motherboard`s Realtek sound- all sounds good. Cubase with generic low latency driver sounds good also trough Realtek. Obviously there are some problems with USB drivers.

Disabling my firewall worked as a temporary fix, but after waiting months for a fix from Steinberg I decided to get an Audient iD14. Now dropouts are a distant memory.

Having read all of this and the previous thread I must say how utterly disappointed I am at Steinberg’s response to this issue.

I bought a UR22 MKII yesterday having read many favourable reviews.

I used the unit with my Lenovo Ideapad Z580 laptop (Intel Core i7 3520M 2.9GHz, 8Gb RAM, Windows 10 (64 bit)) without any issues.

Today I started using it with my Compaq SG3 350-UK desktop (AMD Athlon II x2 245 processor, 2.90 GHz, Windows 10 (64 bit), 8 GB RAM) and the drop out issue has started.

I’ve followed the advice previously listed. Exchanging USB cables hasn’t worked, using different USB ports hasn’t worked. Updating the drivers hasn’t worked. Upping the buffer size hasn’t worked.

The white USB light dims on the unit when the sound cuts out. This tells me it is a power issue although I see that has been disregarded previously.

The wattage on my desktop PSU is 180 Watts. I’m uncertain what power is going to my laptop.

This is NOT been an issue for my E-MU 0404 USB unit that I’ve used for 9 years now (and it’s still working). It’s worth noting that the E-MU has a separate power adaptor. Although my desktop is a slower machine there’s no way I should be having these issues with simple programs like WMP or youtube.

There’s no way I’m going to buy any other means of powering the unit - I believe that it should just work without issue.

Having read the issues that others have listed and the sheer length of time it’s taking Steinberg to reply to this problem I shall be returning it to the shop if a solution isn’t found soon. This is completely unacceptable.

It would be interesting how many of you guys switched from Steinberg UR-something to any other USB interfaces with success.Just to know, what other usb interfaces would be trouble free, not like UR. Thanks.

So I’ve managed to solve the problem!!!

Simple really, and it’ll work for ALL of you.

I bought a Focusrite Audio Interface (in exchange for the Ur 22) and it’s solved ALL my drop-out issues.

Very happy :slight_smile:


May be I have fixed sound dropout on my PC.
I have this homebuilt, with Windows 10, and UR22

Several months now there has been an very annoying dropout of sound. Irritating when me and Willie Nelson is working up a sweat.
But today I seem to have fixed it. Been playing for an hour now, with no abruptions.

I ran mmsys.cpl.
Open the tab Communication
Marked the bottom choice “Do nothing” under the field “When Windows detects communication activity” or what it’s English name is.

(well, while writing this there was one hickup!) (only one, it seems) :slight_smile:

Perturbed Norwegian

This may also be a temporary fix:

Installed driver version 1.90. Have not experience a single dropouts in 2 days straight. Im using the latest Windows 10.


The dropouts is back. But it occurs much lesser than before (v.1.98)

No, guys, I really dont understand. I had 9 years old system ( i5-750, p55-ud3, generic ram 4gb) and it all worked perfectly with LAN, Avast, internet , even games at background- everything!I have just changed CPU to i56600k, motherboard to asus z170-ar, and ram to ripjaws 5 ddr4 3333. Now my system is much faster, much more power efficient, much more powerful (ive checked it with many other apps)- and I having dropouts. Why? CPU cant be the reason-or UR22 is not compatible with Skylake? DDR4 the reason? No way. ASUS Z170-AR the reason? Maybe USB3 drivers for this motherboard werent made good enough? But why they work ok with all the VR devices that much more bus power hungry?PSU is a reason? But now it has less load then before.
Yeah. I can buy USB hub to check. Then I can buy PCI-E usb card. Then what?Buy new MB?CPU?RAM?
Maybe new interface? Wich one? I would buy UR44 because it s not USB bus powered. But if I ll have same problem?Maybe go with zoom uac-2 usb3? I don`t know what to do. Please, someone, give me some advise.

I ve tried everything. Even checking USB amps with regedit . Going to get couple of usb interfaces- one usb hub and one usb pci-e. Will see how I go.

I’ve replaced mine with a Focusrite 6i6 and had no issues that the UR22 was showing.

My advice would be to get a Focusrite.

I got a refund.

I buy an Audient ID14 and i have no drop outs with my system above.

You can buy an Audient ID4 if you do not want to spend too much in a sound card. Customer service responds quickly.

Looks like I`ve fixed the problem.
What I did- 1-updated BIOS on my ASUS Z170-AR. 2- did everything described at the beginning of this thread.
3- disabled all cpu throttling things in windows. 4- disabled overclock, CPU (i5-6600K) at default 3.5 Ghz, and RAM Ripjaws V ddr4 3333Mhz XMP profile on, but set to base frq 2133Mhz, default timing. Now UR22 works like before, absolutely no dropouts no scratchy sounds , all perfect. The moment I start overclocking anything- problem comes back. Btw, it works with avast on, LAN on, internet on, whatever on. Anyway, works now, but last 3 weeks were nightmare.

Spent like 3 hours finally solved this problem. LatencyMon asked me to disable wireless adapter, I tried but it didn’t work. Instead, disable ethernet adapter and it worked.

Hey Guys…

that`s all crap and there are too many issues with this unit. Never should be released with that state of errors to cst.

The support is the worst one;
No solution and it seems, like the supporter wasn`t able to read the mail and between the lines. Also he needs over 10 days to reply!

Facebook posts related to this units are deleted and the product info of the MKII is also gone :slight_smile: …WTF!

In my case, every soundblaster 5Euro audio interfaces works better than this whatever unit…!

SHAME ON YOU! And you are still not able to provide Solutions…Its the last unit/software ive bought from Steinberg/Yamaha/Cubase …

The most unhappy cst …But I will send a management escalation to the right persons (Ed Doll isn`t it!) and also an invoice over the time / money i waiste on this as an professional IT technician via my company! Hope that will cover the cost of the hardware and time.

I would also be more than happy, if Steinberg take my unit back and spend back the money I invest (159 Euro in 03/2016)

Best regards, M.Dahmann

Since Windows 10, while using my UR824 with Cubase 8 Pro, I have been getting intermittent audio drop-outs and/or audio crackle, combined with ASIO spikes that appear to happen at random.

I have had to resort to not using my UR824 until this has been resolved, and am currently using a Focusrite 2i2, which does not suffer from any of these issues.

My UR824 is currently just gathering dust. It’s all very disappointing…

Yet another disaffected UR824 customer here. Started getting audio dropouts on my old 2600K processor and decided it was time to upgrade, how wrong can you be… Updated to 5820k on X99 and my problems are even worse… constant dropouts. Had high hope when I saw a new driver… but no… New 860 watt PSU, still got problems, new PSU for UR824, no luck, disabled everything but essential services, guess what, still there.

Sometimes the drop outs make me wait, Cubase runs for an hour, I get my hopes up, and then bang I get 15 mins of a glitch hop remix!
Sometimes it happens when I just click the screen, sometimes on closing a window, sometimes randomly, sometimes it just does it to wind me up I’m sure of it.

Wrote to Support, had one reply suggesting I set GPU physics mode. Didn’t work. Wrote back no reply.
Yes, I’m using a pretty beefy Nvidia GPU to power a 4k monitor, but removed all Nvida software and services down to the driver only. Still got problems.
Got my m8 round with his (other manufacturer) soundcard, no problems on it…

Thanks Steinberg (or probably more correctly Yamaha) for the £600 paper weight, and the last 3 to 4 months of audio misery. Totally agree with Soapmak3r “it’s all very disappointing”…

My ur12 still dropping out. Tried everything.

Have gone back to my behringer uca202. Never drops out. Much better latencies. No quality difference. A quarter of the price!

Steinberg, thanks for nothing.

The least you could is offer refunds for your dodgy products.

So how about a refund? Can you organise this for us? Who is your distributor in australia? Can they arrange this? or will they give me the runaround and make it more trouble than its worth?