UR problem also an MR problem? ("new folder crash" issue)

A long-running problem I’ve had with MR816csx was recently reported SOLVED in the UR28M forum:

Right-clicking on folders/files, and/or making a New Folder WITHIN the Cubase File > Open, or File > Save mini-Explorer (a.k.a. “browser”) window frequently but not always causes an immediate crash of Cubase.

Steinberg employee “Bodo” recently (Dec. 19, 2012) confirmed this issue relating to the UR28M, and reported that the new TOOLS for UR28M (v.1.1.3) has solved it for him:


Others in that thread also confirm the same issue with their UR experience.

Am wondering if we can look forward to this issue being similarly confirmed/solved in the upcoming Jan. 2013 TOOLS for MR release. Do the developers of the TOOLS for UR and MR talk? :wink:

Has anyone experienced this with the MR on their system? I have over the years on multiple systems, Win OSes, Cubase versions, etc.

Thank you.

Exactly the same problem here, and it happens every time I right click within the files/folders or mini-Explorer type window. Crash to desktop.
Running Win 7 Pro 64 bit, Cubase 6.5.3, AMD FX6100 6 core at 3.3Ghz, Asus MB, 8 GB RAM, MR816X with latest drivers.
This issue has been posted several times in various guises in the CB 6 forum.
Also might note, that after restarting Cubase post- crash, the Steinber ASIO driver is no longer selected, and efforts to reselect the driver are net with an driver in use message. Also, trying the same “right click” in the file/folders mini explorer window will not cause the crash after restarting Cubase.
It ceratinly acts like a driver problem…
I have crashdump files from these episodes if anyone cares to look at them…