UR-RT2 suddenly no longer plays sound from computer

I work in Windows 10 and Cubase Pro 12.
The sound goes from the computer via UR-RT2 to headphones or speakers. When working in Cubase, everything is OK.
But all of a sudden (and I have no idea what could have caused this), when I want to play sound from a media player or YouTube or any other non-Cubase source, there is no more sound coming from the UR-RT2.
In the computer Settings/System/Sound my chosen output device is Line(2- Steinberg UR-RT2). If I want to hear sound from the computer, I have to switch here to Speakers (High Defenition Audio Device) and then I get sound from the phones exit on the computer - not the UR-RT2.
Like I said, up till now, I could get all the sounds from the UR-RT2, now I only get Cubase sound. Does anybody know what’s going on?

Having the same issue on both Windows 10 and Windows 11. It doesn’t stop completely, but massive and long dropouts outside of Cubase. The past two driver versions have been a nightmare for me.

Steinberg drivers work in a very specific way.

For the best user-experience, I highly recommend you to make the right settings on Windows.
However, due to the drivers design, I can’t guarantee this to be trouble-free, especially if you’re using more than one audio program at once and they are set to a different sample-rate.

Thanks for your reply, Louis. But the strange thing is: it has always been working fine - for a long time - until, all of a sudden and for no apparent reason (as far as I can tell), it just stopped working properly. That’s why I have no clue how to solve this problem. As I said in the Windows?Settings?Sound, the UR-RT2 is chosen. And as far as I can tell, there’s nothing more to do in the settings. Or is there?

Hi Dirk,

The links redirect you to other Topics in Steinberg’s forums.
It will show you what are the settings to make.
I know Steinberg’s hardware is delicate and needs proper configuration, that’s why it is important to understand what I explain in the links.

I am having the same exact issue. The reply does not address the reason why the driver is no longer recognized in Device Manager and cannot be opened in Cubase 12. I am running Win 11. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers twice. Same result. My system no longer recognizes/finds my device. Can someone respond to the fix for that specific issue?

The problem is finally resolved. I spoke with Michael, from the Steinberg support team, and he found out that it was it simple (pretty stupid, if you ask me) Windows problem - kind of a display bug problem.
The taskbar shows a tiny icon, which shows the outgoing volume. This showed 100%. And made me believe that everything was OK. What I didn’t notice was that at the same time the speaker icon, at the left of the slider, showed an x, what only should appear when the slider is at 0%. So in fact the volume WAS at 0%, although the slider showed 100%. Slightly moving the slider brought everything back to live. Simple as that.
And now I wonder who has been stupid here: me for not noticing the x next to the speaker icon, or Windows for giving me this display bug. You tell me…
Anyway, I hope this can resolve the problem for some of the other guys who responded to this topic.

I’m glad you found out the source of your issue.

Actually I don’t think this is a visual bug… When you mute the audio on Windows, the volume slider does not go to zero, it stays where it is.
It has been like that for many years, and if that was a bug then Microsoft would have fixed it already.

I’m no longer on Windows 10 but for some reason the speaker icon in the task bar would sometimes not reflect the actual settings, although that happened very rarely.

Thanks for your reply, Louis.
Well, I still consider this a bug, but then one that they never fixed… :relaxed: