UR12-dropouts-power management

Hello everyone (my english is not good sorry),
today I bought UR12 and had terrible sound drop out problem, after trying 3 usb cables and usb ports ,nothing changed. Then I tried windows power management settings, changed it to “maximum performance” , drop outs almost totaly gone.

For 4-5 hours I only heard 1 drop-out. That’s good !

My question is ; what else should I do for this problem, drop outs must be related to cpu and performance. Is there anything I can change in windows or bios ? Bios is complicated to me. All I want is 0 dropouts. Thanks.

Windows 7 64 bit
4 gb ram
Intel Core 2 Quad - Q9550 -2.83 GHz

Here’s a possible answer:




Good luck solving your issue!

Did not help for me… Did you find a solution?