UR22 audio and MIDI interface unveiled

Steinberg is excited to announce the latest addition to its acclaimed UR series of audio interfaces:

The UR22 features 192 kHz audio quality, USB 2.0 connectivity, MIDI input/output alongside two combo inputs with D-PRE microphone preamps and balanced line outputs. Its portable size and solid build make it the perfect choice for mobile setups and small-spaced recording studios.

The UR22 interface will be available from resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop from the beginning of February. The suggested retail price for the UR22 is 149 euros, including 19% German VAT.

More information can be found here.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Is the ur22 class compliant (will it work with an Ipad)?

it will be out of date within a year like the cmc controllers , no updates !

Will the UR22 use Midex8 type of time stamping to get better midi?

I have the Steinberg UR28m. It seems that the specs are mostly the same as the UR22 except the UR22 supports sample rates up to 192 and the UR28m supports sample rates up to only 96. That would imply that the UR22m is an upgrade and the UR28m is downgrade even at its price point. Are there any other notably differences? Can I get an honest answer please? Thanks in advance!


Just because an interface does a higher sample rate does not mean it sounds better, there are lots of cheap parts on the market that do high rate conversion, the overall sound quality has to do with the digital clock, jitter and many other factors, I will wait for reviews of this before jumping in, it seems to be targeted at road users, so maybe another low end products, on the other hand it could sound like a 1000 plus converter…don’t be fooled by specs, it means nothing in the audio world… :slight_smile:

No, the interface won’t be class compliant, sorry.

Hello, could you please inform us of the buffer size settings available?
Thanx in advance

The buffer sizes range from 64 samples to 2048 samples @ 44.1 kHz

Will the UR 22 work on Windows Vista?

It is not officially supported on Windows Vista as we do not test on that OS anymore but it should work.

Any chance somebody from Steinberg can answer this one?

No, the UR22 does not support LTB.

Hi to support,

I have just purchased a UR22 which arrived without any documentation or CDs - only the hardware. I have tried to find drivers for Windows on the Steinberg Support site but only find the Owner’s Manual to download. This Manual indicates that a driver is to have been loaded but there is nothing in it about where and how these drivers are to have been installed.

I am a bit frustrated that I cannot get the device to be recognized at this point.

Please provide a link or other recommendations on how to get to the necessary software components to complete the product’s use for me.

I look forward to your contact.



Hi David,

With the UR22, you also get a CD called TOOLS for UR22. That CD contains the drivers and the documentation. Just run the setup from the CD which installs all the neccessary files.

I have also recently received my brand new UR 22. Like David mine DID NOT come with any CD.
I have not been successful in getting my sound to work. (Windows 7)
Please let us know if there is a device driver download available somewhere.

Is UR22 able to use in Mac aggregate device?

Does the UR 22 Come with Cubase AI6 on a CD or a code to download. If it is in fact a code to download, where would I redeem the code.

We have uploaded the drivers for the UR22 now. The Windows driver is the same as on CD, the Mac OS X driver is an updated driver. Please find the download on this page:


Cubase AI 6 is not included on DVD. You will get a download access code to download the installer.