UR22 + Big Sur

I updated my Mac to OS 11.0.1 (Big Sur) over the weekend and now my UR22 is not recognized. The USB light just blinks and blinks. I’ve tried restarting, unconnecting and re-connecting, and updated my drivers to the latest version (2.0.4). Anyone else having similar issues after updating to Big Sur?

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There is stuff about this on the website:


Or perhaps all you need to do is check this out:

this is the exact reason why i am still waiting with the update. Steinberg had like half a year time to make an update for big sur - same with the ARM macs, so pitty. Every year same story with new OS version

When can we expect a UR22 driver for Big Sur?

Mine’s fucked in the exact same way as you describe, I found this thread by trying to see if there was a fix for it. Looks like it’s wait months with a brick on my desk, or reinstall an old version of osx?

The same problem. I’ using Guitar Pro 7 with + UR22… .and Guitar Pro doesn’t load with UR22 drivers. To use Guitar Pro 7, I have to uninstall UR22 drivers.

Same here. I bought a brand new MacBook Pro M1 and can not make use of all my Steinberg Products. Dear Steinberg-Team (if you read this) could you please rescue our christmas-holiday-recodingsessions :slight_smile: :dizzy::christmas_tree: :pray:t2:


I’m hanging for them to release a new driver that will work with Big Sur. You can do it Steinberg!

traded my base MacBook Pro 13 for a MacBook Air with M1 processor, and really happy with it. but now my UR22 won’t connect trough the driver. I know for a fact that it’s not Big Sur because I upgraded on my Pro and it worked like a charm. so has this something to do with apple silicon or am I missing something?

Hi! I had a similar problem. I installed Big Sur and the latest UR22 driver ( 1.10.4) but my MacBook didn’t connect to the UR22. The USB light was constantly blinking and in the end it was just something with the security settings. Everything is working properly now. Maybe you already fixed it…for me it was just something I overlooked (-:

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Hi!, I’ve already looked and had the same problem on my old MacBook Pro, and after clicking the prompt I could indeed use my UR22.

Thing is, I now have a MacBook Air with M1 processor, and the prompt never reveals itself. I bought a Presonus audiobox Ione as a workaround, and because that’s a class compliant device it just works without drivers. little bit of a downgrade but still better then nothing. thanks for the tip still!

wait so its confirmed that the latest available driver is fully working with big sur ???
this is the only reason i am still waiting to upgrade and steinberg does not seem to push an update any time soon. I am also wondering if someone got it running with an M1 mac

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My UR22 MK2 was working fine on Big Sur for the last couple of weeks. Following the solutions mentioned in this thread. However the fix stopped working today after rebooting my laptop.


Anyone experienced something similar and got it working again?

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I am experiencing the same issue as @grassybass. Running a new Mac mini with M1 and the security prompt is not displayed. Would be nice to hear from a Steinberg rep on these issues.


Come on Steinberg / Yamaha - the Apple M1 chip is selling like crazy and we all need a working UR22.

Installed the latest driver but no succes, UR22 usb led keeps blinking, no device to be found in the apple OS. I’m now already two months with a mac mini m1 without sound.

Please give a solution or workaround!


USB light keeps blinking for me, too. Very disappointed. I think I’m going to go ahead and try to find some audio interface that I don’t have to constantly worry about having an up to date driver for. This has been too much of an issue in the past. And now it’s been months and months with no compatibility.

I got my UR22 working - I found that if I delete the driver using the Yamaha uninstall utility, reboot, re-install, reboot (!) then go to system preferences> security&Privacy>general there should be a notice at the bottom of drivers that require allowing/unblocking (you may have to provide admin password) - I allowed the Yamaha driver, and blinking stopped and my UR22 now works on Big Sur. I found out about this because it is a fix also recommended on the MOTU site for their drivers.

didnt work for me… did exactly the steps =/

We have released the official Big Sur YSUSB driver now:

Installed new Big Sur YSUSB driver. Guitar Pro 7 is still unable to load drivers as was the case with the previous driver version. Guitar Pro works when UR22 is not connected. Any ideas?

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