UR22: Input level way too high

Honestly, I am pretty close to cry… :cry:

I got the problem that all of my guitars are clipping when I use them on input 2 with Hi-Z activated. Without Hi-Z the guitars sound like crap. This has already discussed in some other threads here and I still didn’t find a solution yet.

So I got myself a Radial Pro48 Active Direct Box. Now my guitar goes into the Pro48 and then via XLR into one of the inputs on the UR22. The Hi-Z is not necessary anymore since the signal is already converted by the Pro48. With a smile on my face I started playing and imagine what happened. The signal is still way to hot and clipping like hell. Happily the Pro48 has a -15dB Pad function. So I eagerly press the button… and it’s still clipping!

I converted the signal via Pro48, lowered it by -15dB, Hi-Z on the UR22 is off and the input gain is at zero. So why is it still clipping and what the hell can I do now?!

I am really a noob with all that technical stuff, therefore I am very thankful for any help.

You’re not alone :frowning: :


And did you solve the issue somehow? How are you recording your guitars at the moment?

I am going to send the Pro48 back since I have no use for it like that. Can anybody recommend a direct box where I can manually control the output level with a knob or something? So that I don’t clip on the UR22 input anymore.

Again, thanks for any help.

I use a RME Hi-z input to record guitar :unamused:
Now I only use the UR22 with my laptop to record midi with a Roland e-drum, I know it’s ridiculous to use this unit only as midi interface, but I haven’t found another way to use it due to those preamp without pad.

On the UR22 in put is too hot for guitar, for some mics… without any pad it’s most of the time unusable for me.

I can see any to your (our) problem, never had any answer from Steinberg on this forum.
I was hoping that there will be a firmware update or a software update that can solve this problem.

have the exact same issue. taking this back to the store tomorrow. I am a guitarist mainly and having to add another gadget to record guitar directly is the total opposite of what I was hoping to achieve. I am really disappointed.

In the meantime I got myself the following DI Box: http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/DI100.aspx

This DI Box has a -20 dB Pad which puts the input signal right to the level where it should be in the first place. So with it the UR22 works fine for me and I’m kind of happy now - even if I know it’s total bullshit to have to buy an additional device to get what the UR22 should already do on its own!

I still hope Steinberg is offering some kind of solution for that.

Hi Folks,

I guess you would have already checked that, but I’ll post it here juuuust in case: On input 2, you must use an unbalanced phone cable (jack). See page 5 of the user manual. XLR or balanced cables don’t work with that port :smiley:

Cheers, Roland

wouaw those are bad news for me… as a guitar player…
I was sure I found the best interface but if you say that is problematic for direct input… now I m not sure if ithat’s the proper tool for me… do you recommend me to buy another interface?

let me ask you a few questions:

1/ does the probem still exist with the “mic in front of the amp” type recording ?

2/ The probem is when you plug the guitar directly to the interface? or to an amp and then connecting the rec out to the interface?

3/ is there someone using this interface plugged into an usb 3.0 port ? I would appreciate if someone coud tell me if this interface is usb 3.0 compatible because I have a macbook pro which have usb 3.0 only…

Thank you !

Well this is a very interesting thread.
Lately I have been listening back to my demos and I decided to finally do something about the distortion and clipping I get.
I know my guitars sound like crap with the Hi-z turned off. Just lifeless with no dynamics but when I turn .hi-z on Even having the volume at the lowest setting
I get clipping.

I must add that I am actually using the Ci2+ interface and was thinking of up grading solely for this issue.
I know the UR28m has a pad option on both Hi-z inputs which is exactly what I need I guess the ur 22 is about as useless as guitars.
I would just like to add IM using a Tremonti treble pickup in a PRS custom 22 se guitar. The pickup is extremely hot but it is still passive.


I almost purchased the UR22 6 months ago, but due to the hum noise issue when using some condenser mics I prefered wait Steinberg response. They assumed that the hum noise was a batch issue and fixed the problem in the faulty units.

Now, I’m almost buying again but after read this new issue - too hot pre signal - maybe I will give up with this unit…

I need an audio interface to mainly record electric guitars - direct input - and acoustic guitars with mics.

I also have a Palmer - The Junction - DI box for direct guitar input. I’ll have signal clipping issues with it?

I’m very affraid to buy the UR22 now… Waiting for any help.


Maybe a future firmware update to solve this problem ?

I bought it in spite of all the talk about this problem because too many good people raved about the preamps. I do not have this problem. I do not plug straight in. I use an Alesis mixer to plug all my insruments and mics into, then use the MAIN outs to the UR22 inputs. I have the UR22 gain knobs at about 9 o’clock, enough to engage the preamps. I use the Main Out level on the Alesis to adjust volume just below clipping. Works great. Sounds great. Do not under estimate the preamps in the Alesis Multimix. It’s a very useful setup.