UR22 to hot... a good thing???

Hi guys,

I have a Macbook pro which have USB 3.0 only… So I want to be sure…

----------- Is the UR22 fully compatibe with USB 3.0 (New Macbook pro) ??? --------------

Thank you gentemen !

No problem here with an UR22 connected on a macbook pro with USB 3.0.

It’s more with the UR22 itself that I’m unhappy, be sure before buying it that the preamp very hot input will not be a problem for you too.
The pre’s are great, but they are very hot without attenuation pad, so some signals mac the pre’s input peaking a lot and distorting.
Actually I mainly use my UR22 on a macbook pro as midi interface with BFD2 and for audio playback.
But for recording directly guitars with the Hi-Z input or with some mics I can’t use it.

Hey thank you for your response !

yeah that s what I m reading…
but in a sense, isn’t it a sign of “pro” (I know is too cheap to be pro) material ??

because otherwise it would mean that the interface has a DI box integrated… and probably steinberg prefers to give the choice to the custumers to choose the DI they want…

I don t know… Maybe I m compety wrong !! if anyone want to add something??

I m complety new to the digita world ! but as part of my music degree I have an informatic/daw course so I try to get in !!

I’m working with an UR824 too, this unit has attenuation pad on each preamp input, you can enable the pad when the signal is too hot. On a UR22 you can’t do that.
Le last time I have used this unit it was for recording a floor tom and I can’t place the mic where I wanted to, because the pre was clipping.
I have to move the mic way from the drumhead, but I can’t have the proximity effect of the mic. :neutral_face:
Finally I have plugged an inline pad (http://www.shure.com/americas/products/accessories/microphones/microphone-problem-solvers/a15as-inline-switchable-attenuator)
For me it’s a problem, it make that the UR22 can’t be my go to portable unit because I can’t use it in some situations.

But as I said before, if the signal is not too hot, the pre’s are good and the convert are decent, you can have good results with this box.

yeah that s the issue… if you need this accessory to do this, and this other to do that it’s not a portable thing anymore…

Just one thing, was it an appropriate bass drum mic?

yes, audix D4

After months of use I don’t understand why there’s no solution from Steinberg for UR22 Pre ampli too hot input !

I really don’t know how I can’t use it for recording ?
Guitars with HiZ enabled : too hot, the input is clipping !
Guitars with a direct box : too hot, the input is clipping !
floor tom with Audix D4 : too hot, the input is clipping !
Oveheads, 2NT5’s in recorderman position : too hot, the input is clipping !

The only use I have found : TD12 module connected via midi on the UR22 to BFD3 !

So, for me, UR22 is “only” a expansive Midi interface :mrgreen:

@ Steinberg : A solution one day ? A pad like UR824 ? Possible in a future fw update ?

I have the UR44 and not having this problem. I find that with the Hi-Z inputs I only have to go to about 50% with guitars, but that’s fine. No need to crank it. I’ve used a Presonus TubePre in line 5 and got great results. No problems with mics either. Not sure what’s different between the two models.

In fact, I get a cleaner recording with these pres than I did with my Focusrite Saffire.

I have a UR824 too, no problem with this unit, it’s with the UR22 that I really ask what can be recorded with that !

I have bought it to record very wall projects and it’s impossible to make serious job with the UR22 !
Has I need some portability, I have bought a RME Babyface and now the UR22 is sleeping in his box…

I just want to known if Steinberg known those inputs problems and if they will do something for that.
I have written to the support and never received any answer.


I’m also waiting for a Steinberg solution… Is absolutely impossible to record electric guitars using the Hi-Z input… It clips and distorted all the time.

Steinberg, please, we need a response about it.

My first topic about this problem is from 26 Jul 2013.
No answer from Steinberg about this problem in this forum, neither after having contacted the customers support :neutral_face:

Loorenz, I wasn’t able to find a mail on this topic in our system but I have sent you a PM now.

Any answer about this issue, Ed Doll?

There’s a procedure to send back the unit for a modification, ask Ed :wink:

I will send the UR22 for the second time when I will have some time… for the price of the unit it’s great for the customers that Steinberg fix the problems but it may be very expensive :open_mouth:

I sent you a PM as well on May 8th so please check your inbox.

Hi, I’m also having issues recording eletric guitars in Hi-Z input. Too hot, the signal is clipping. Please, I wanna know how to solve this. Thanks.

The reason, I am not posting the process in here is that there are different ways to address this depending on where you live. In your case, please get in contact with our distributor:

They should be able to assist. Thank you!

I’m thinking of getting of these units for a friend who I’m setting up a system for. Does anyone know if the latest production batch has the HiZ problem fixed?

Ahem… well, is the clipping issue fixed in the more recent batches?

Hello there,

just bought a UR22 and received it today. It was a good offer in a sales special from a music store.

Plugged the guitar in, switched the Hi-Z on and, yep, it clips like hell.

I came across the talk on this board after buying the device. Nevertheless it’s a nice box and Mics seem to work pretty good.

But what about the input 2 and the clipping problem while playing guitar! I’m from Germany and I would really like this box to work properly. How can I get a fix for this? Is there a firmwire fix or does the unit have to be replaced? Please respond! Thank you very much!