UR22C Audio Dropouts

I have a UR22C audio interface. I have been using it for a couple of years on CentOS and Fedora Linux without any issues. I recently got a Windows 11 machine but I get audio dropouts every ~3-4 mins for less than a second. It is very frustrating. I have checked the Steinberg documentation


The first solution does not help. and for the second solution I still see the Microsoft drivers in place.
However, there are not ASMedia drivers available for Dell Motherboards and Windows 11 (at least for my system). Any other recommendation/suggestions? Some context: I have the interface connected to external USB power.

I just built a new PC, with Windows 11, and am having a similar problem.

Have you optimised your computer for recording? If not Sweetwater has a good tutorial for that to give you max computing power.

@Oneway can you expand on it?
IMO, the solution should not require the use of maximum computer performance to run a simple audio interface that is already connected to external power.

Obvious questions
Are you using the ASIO driver?
Do you have your wifi turned off?
Is you antivirus stopped?