UR22C Audio Dropouts

I have a UR22C audio interface. I have been using it for a couple of years on CentOS and Fedora Linux without any issues. I recently got a Windows 11 machine but I get audio dropouts every ~3-4 mins for less than a second. It is very frustrating. I have checked the Steinberg documentation


The first solution does not help. and for the second solution I still see the Microsoft drivers in place.
However, there are not ASMedia drivers available for Dell Motherboards and Windows 11 (at least for my system). Any other recommendation/suggestions? Some context: I have the interface connected to external USB power.

I just built a new PC, with Windows 11, and am having a similar problem.

Have you optimised your computer for recording? If not Sweetwater has a good tutorial for that to give you max computing power.

@Oneway can you expand on it?
IMO, the solution should not require the use of maximum computer performance to run a simple audio interface that is already connected to external power.

Obvious questions
Are you using the ASIO driver?
Do you have your wifi turned off?
Is you antivirus stopped?

I have this problem too. I fixed it once, and I think it required removing all the drivers, and the Yamaha/STeinberg software, removing all audio drivers on my machine and installing JUST the STeinberg interface audio driver without the associated software. However, I needed to do a loopback for a video and re-installed the Yamaha software. The problem came back, and I have yet to fix it with the same trick. :frowning:

At this point, it is related to the interface, but not to Cubase, since it happens in Windows Media Player too.

I also have this audio dropout problems too. My computer is ASUS S14 with latest Windows 11 update. I’ve checked troubleshooting on Steinburg website. It suggests me to switch from USB 3.1 to USB 2.0.
In the control panel of “Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO” there is always a signal shows “Audio interruption due to USB error is detected…” I’m not sure why my cubase can’t switch USB driver to USD 2.0. Does anyone know? Now the audio-dropout problem is still there.

I minimized the amount of audio dropouts (it still happens but it much less frequent), by removing all bloatware software (in my case Dell software was causing the majority of the problems). Also, Steinberg released a new version of the audio drivers for UR22C that help to mitigate this issue. In my case, I am using USB 3.1 with the audio interface, otherwise, I still get audio dropouts. Hope this helps.