UR22C Audio Dropouts


The XHCI mode is the Motherboards USB 3.0 functionality. Not sure what it is called in Apple products’, but that’s what it’s called in a Windows Intel UEFI system, Gigabyte motherboard.

This depends on your Motherboard manufacturer.

You have to boot into the UEFI/BIOS.

On my Gigabyte motherboard, it’s listed under the Chipset tab as “XHCI Mode”. Double clicking “XHCI Mode”, opens a drop down menu where you can change and apply the setting you choose. On the Mobo, I’m using, the options are.

Smart Auto

This setting is normally defaulted to Auto.

I’m not fully versed on this, but that’s my basic understanding.

My dropouts disappeared after I disabled sound on my screen

I bought the product UR22C back in Feb 2022. The driver didn’t work correctly on Windows 10. My setup is a solid workstation with 2 Xeon processors on it.
Constant dropouts. I’ve tried almost everything - including switching to USB 2.0 mode, drivers update etc. The drivers from manufacturer for the PC workstation are well written and almost everything works fine.
So, what I did:
I removed windows and installed Linux Fedora Workstation operating system. There is no drivers from Steinberg, just basic driver from Linux. And I had no issues at ALL. Therefore, the issue is with the driver provided by Steinberg and not a PC.
Unfortunately I need Windows platform and can’t accept the issue with the driver’s. Therefore the product was returned back to Steinberg for a warranty (after 1.5 years). I can’t help buying a product which doesn’t work because the manufacture didn’t test it / developed to a such a standard so that user can use the product.
My advice, if you have it and need to use - just switch to Linux and use Audacity or similar software (cause Cubase doesn’t work on Linux). And thank you Steinberg for 0 support and 0 updates on this topic.
Will never buy again.

I feel very lucky as I’ve had very few issues with my UR22C over the years. The driver has dropped out occasionally but otherwise rock solid. My computer is an old 8yr + AMD processor HP Pavillion laptop which I’ve just put in a new 1 TB ssd as the original one died.

I just had the steinberg crash on stage and want to throw it in the trash. It crashed 7 times in front of an audience and ut was a horrible experience. Would you recommend the MOTU or focusrite?

Update to my previous post:
After I returned the UR-22C for a warranty cause the driver didn’t work correctly under the windows machine, I purchuased 2 new interfaces:

  1. Behringer UMC204HD for 99£

It looks like, the Behringer uses the same driver as the Steinberg’s UR22C. Therefore, the same issues under Windows 10 in Behringer - droputs every few minutes, it just drop the signal every few minutes. Or if you listen to spotify, it cracs for a 0.5-1 sec every few minutes. Yes I can live with thit, but its so annoying. Under Linux Fedora (ASIO + Jack) - no issues at all if set to 44.1 or 48 kHz, buffer size - 256 or 512 - no problem, no cracks. Therefor, think the problem is definitely in drivers for windows machine.

  1. RME Babyface Pro FS for 760£
    It was really hard to justify the price, since so many interfaces are on the market for 100-300£ which ‘on paper’ offers same results. Also, not so many reviews of the BabyFAce on the Youtube. Prior to buying checked the drivers date - 08.2023 (ok)
    The Built Quality is just amazing, but more important: I’ve got an interface, checked the website RME - new drivers updates 17.01.2023. (By the way even their 10 years old interface has got this updates) After I installed the drivers on Windows 10 - no issues AT ALL!!! Yes, I have WIFI, USB 3.0 along with the USB 2.0, Windows audio, etc all turned ON and the interface works without any dropouts, cuts etc. I tested it in 48 kHz with a 128 buffer - ca 2.7 ms latency with the MIDI device connected to my PC. After full working day - 0 Cracks, 0 drops.
    I tested it on my second station - laptop with the Linux Fedora (39). In a class-complaint mode it works like a charm - 48 kHz with a 128 buffer - 2.2 ms latency, no issues at all. So, you get what you paid for.
    And surprise, the Steinberg introduced their new ‘mobile interface’ - IXO 22. To me, it looks exactly the same as their UR22C. It looks like instead of providing a good stable drivers, they just keep introducing the new devices on a 3rd party developed drivers which are very poor.
    My advice after years of trouble with all these behringers, motu, steinbergs, scarlet etc low price staff. If you are a musician like me, just invest in a new or used solid RME interface. They are very good , solid & reliable machines.