Ur22Mkii spontaneously connecting and disconnecting

Very good to everyone. My name is Nicolas
Today I run into a problem, my interface worked perfectly on my notebook, I bought a desktop PC and I’m having problems
PC description: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
MSI Tomahawk B350
DDR4 Fury 2666mhz
SSD Kingston 120GB
Windows 10 Home.
My interface when playing music, starts to flash led USB continuously, that is, it is disconnected and connected, all the time.
Try installing the latest drivers, old, native windows, different usb and nothing.
Connect it to another pc and it works perfect.
I’m going crazy!

Could someone tell me what I can do? I would really appreciate it …

PS: In the games also happens, I get the FPS, sound, and when you disconnect the interface immediately everything returns to normal …

Sorry, I’m using Google Translate.

Disable USB selective suspend
In Device Manager open each USB entry properties and in power management untick allow computer to turn off this device…(if the option is there)
If you have both USB3 and USB2 ports try USB2.

Did you get this sorted, I have the old UR22 and never had
any issues with this, and I have ran it with usb suspend enabled
and disabled on computers that were not mine to play with.

I am thinking about this UR22ii for my ipad, but would like it to
work on windows too, even linux, my old UR22 wont work on ipad,
but was perfect on windows linux and my sons mac book pro.

I would suggest turning off everything that could interfere with recording audio
on your computer, everything that can interrupt the processor is a possible problem
on any audio setup, windows home edition will be a nightmare because it will keep
trying to update, this will cause you trouble in many ways, first resources, then interupts
and then break something that previously worked.

As mentioned, try and prevent your usb devices including hub controller from changing state
and going to sleep or on to lower power setting, same for hard drive, same for monitor state.
Turn off your computers internal mic too, its unlikely you will be recording with it,
disable or turn off bluetooth or networks that you are not using, they too interrupt and cause
issues, have a look at this pdf, it goes into detail regarding such issues, well worth a read,

EDIT, one annoying point on windows, it is better to use the same port you
initially used to install the likes of a usb interface on for that interface,
mac or linux do not care if you use a different port, but windows can
have issues, and use usb2 ports if you can, some problems have been resolved
by avoiding usb3 ports.

Hope you get sorted

Hello colleagues, luckily I could solve it, looking for a long time …
it was a default configuration of the BIOS, which put to sleep buses so I read.
Manage to solve it by deactivating the following options…

  • Global C-State control
  • AMD cool’n’quiet
    and now it works perfect.


Good job, I bet you are a happy man, not having to buy
another interface, not having to fight windows to find out
what changed, but it is still strange how it worked, then
started to play up, my bios is crap, can not alter what i need
because windows update basically bricked it up, so I can not
alter anything, not that Microsoft left much to alter in the first place.

Thanks for this thread! The issue is so confusing that I genuinely thought my UR22 mkII got broken
Initially it was doing that sometimes like very rarely. I thought maybe its some minor bug

Then my motherboard broke and i bought new one and it started driving me mad. Some of the music i did completely on CPU and just rendered stems via soundcard cuz could not handle this issue.
Powering my soundcard via very powerful external USB adapters didnt helped either neither helped powering it via usb-hub

I did both of the advises here (disabled in device manager and in bios) and now this issue still persisting if I use motherboard USB2 ports, but if i connect it to PCI-E usb3 card ports (that has additional direct power source from power supply) or just use motherboard USB2 port but via USB2 hub with its own power source - there is no issue at all

So I propose this issue can be split into two issues

  1. OS puts usb device to sleep or somehow else twitches the interface
  2. Not enough power on USB or that power is unstable

What to try for 1st one is already written above
What can you try for 2nd issue - usb-hub with its own power source

What also you can try for both issues at the same time:
Buying PCI-E USB card which has molex/sata power input from powersupply (usually thats usb3 ones)
This can help with the power problem and additionally the trick here that additional PCI-E devices they might not be that controlled from OS or motherboard. Most likely motherboard wont act oversmart about some PCI-E card it doesnt know. Well at least thats how its working for me after i applied tweaks mentioned above (before the problem was same for all USB ports)

If you have laptop then ffs only usb hub is an option for you

Offtopic: I think i will have to swap this UR22MKII anyways because it pisses me off, cuz not enough samples it can process. Serum pads doesnt work at all, other intruments might also overload it at some point so i have to freeze tracks and etc. Basically cant use some madly-produced serum presets because not enough samples it can process