UR242 Rev-x button on the master channel is always lit Blue


In the DSPmixFX software mixer the Rev-x send button on the master channel is always lit Blue, I can’t turn it off, clicking on the blue button does not make it gray, it’s always lit on the software mixer.

So when I activate the fx button of an input in the standalone mode the reverb is there. I’ve tried with 2 laptops (windows 7 & 8.1) and both were the same so I can’t be sure if it’s a problem with the hardware or software, because I’ve seen other DSPmix Rev-x buttons grayed out in some videos/pictures. I’ve attached a picture of my DSPmixFX.

This is exactly the same problem seen in this topic (uninstalling drivers does not solve my problem though):

I found even more customers on Gearslutz forums with the same problem, and they were mentioning about lots of returns on Steinberg Hardware because of these kind of problems. So Steinberg better hire reasonable driver developers or stop making hardware.

I’ve got the same problem with a UR44. Am I just wasting my time with this device…

I’ve returned mine because of not getting any help from here and Steinberg customer service. I also heard that new UR series cards have DSP issues with the present drivers so I think it’s better to jump to a different brand which you can make music.

buy RME :smiley:

Actually I’ve upgraded to a Babyface Pro today, bingo! :slight_smile: