ur28m hiss

I just got a brand new ur28m interface. I can hear much more hiss (noise) from my monitors than with my previous interface (tascam fw1884). The output level knob is offcourse on zero. I also connected a cheap behringer mixer and the hiss was barely noticable. Anyone else experiencing the same?


power supply ?
well… i doubt… a bit…
other brands also have some hiss on converters if you push the volume all the way up…
RME has… none… even on pci / pcie internal cards…
why´s that ?..



I get a hiss sometimes on my UR824 when audio is not playing through the interface. Weird. I do keep my volume at 0dB however and use control room to adjust level.


There is no hissssss with the level button at zero…
only if i push it 3/4 … to the maximum level… with no audio running…:slight_smile:
dont want to smash my monitors :slight_smile:
i think it´s the signal to noise ratio… of the converters…
i think they sound great for the price…



I can confirm this problem with my genelec monitors. It does not matter if I put the volume to zero.

If I mute the analog channels in the dspMix interface the hiss goes away so it seems to be generated by these inputs… btw nothing is connected to them… as far as I can tell the hiss is there even when audio is playing.

my old yamaha 01V mixer produced no such hiss and it has 16 analog inputs… its digital internally though but so is the ur28m? Strange, is this a faulty unit?

I wonder if we are describing two different kinds of noise in this thread.

A) If the noise can be heard when the output volume of the audio interface is turned to zero, it can hardly be ‘hiss’. Are you sure you are not hearing a ground loop ‘buzz’?

B) If the 28M is like the 824, there is hiss when (a) the output level is not turned at zero, and (b) input level is set over 3/4.

The (A) case is something I could verify in my 824. I could solve it by connecting it to the monitors using balanced cables. The noise does not enter recording, so I can tolerate this issue. I’ve not tried by connecing the interface to a mass via the supplied ground screw. It is an issue - that should not be there - but I can live with it.

The (B) case is a design choice (that I can second): the designers decided to allow for more gain, at the expense of more hiss at the maximum settings. In some cases you might find this useful. If you want a perfecly clean input signal, just leave the input level to 3/4.


I confirm this problem too :cry:
I use balanced cable for my ADAM P11a monitors, no other devices attached, all knobs to Zero.
There is HISS definitely…no matter what I try
No ground loops, I even turn off all lights to see if there is any electric interference.
I haven’t experienced this before with O1x+i88X.
I just want to know this is normal, or just I got faulty one.

still can’t find how to avoid hiss from UR28m.
I asked my local dealer to send me a sample unit to see if there is same problem.
If there is same problem, I think I will return my UR28m…I like this unit overall though…hmm

I ran into this, but was able to isolate the culprit - my HP Deskjet Printer. When I disconnected the USB cable to the printer, the hiss went away. I tried swapping out the un-powered USB hub I was using with a powered one, and the hiss went away.

Is the hiss is a grounding issue, make sure you don’t have audio cables crossing power cables… that sort of thing.

I really appreciate your input az_spunky! It is very interesting that USB things could make hiss…
But I just powered on UR28M and Monitor speaker only to isolate problem…No USB cable connected…didn’t help…
I’m pretty sure it’s not from grounding issue…
I have to suspect inferior design of output? I have used many interfaces before but never experienced this…

I can confirm this with the UR28M and the UR824 - much more hiss than with my older (much cheaper) audio interfaces…

My current audio interface is failing and I had been considering buying the UR 28 until reading this thread :frowning:
Is this really a constant with all of the UR28 series…is there anyone not having these symptoms?

I have an UR824 and only get hiss if I turn the gain up… But you would expect that. Otherwise I am happy with the unit :smiley: …although I had to have it repaired after 6 weeks :frowning:
It sounds good and the plugins are top rate!

Thanks EC. :slight_smile:

Hello all,

I have something that migh help you with hiss problem:

As you know, UR28M has digital volume.
This volume controls inside DSP, with this mechanism, after D/A converter
is “Full-gained”.
This means even if you decrease the volume in the UR28M, the amount of noise does not change (amount of noise is fixed).
(This is demerit of digital volume)

So the recommended settings for the UR28M should be as follows:

  1. The UR 28M volume setting : Largish
  2. Speaker volume setting : Smallish

This makes actual S/N better.
(As I said, N is fixed, so increase S)

How to tell ?


  • Set the UR master volume arround -6dB (by UR Mix Control)
  • Then, please adjust your speaker level to fit you ears

For example, BM5A or MSP7 Studio has input gain setting.
So user can adjust by himself.
I am not sure if your monitors have this option, but some does, I have hear the Yamaha HS50 which I can adjust, some other have an option to lower -10 and -15 db.

I really hope this helps!
Best regards,

I’d love to hear feedback from UR28m users regarding this tip (if it solves the problem with hiss)!

Seriously? Adding a bigknob? If that’s a solution you might think about replacing the UR28M altogether. The UR28M, let’s face it, is simply Yamaha/Steinberg’s version of the BigKnob with added inputs. This is like conceding that Mackie did a better job.

(Similarly to the “Cubendo” moniker, should we say Steinaha or YamBerg?)

Yes, you are right in this one I completely forgot abut it.
I just removed that from my original post, it does not make sense as the UR28M concept is Audio I7F + Big knob.
Sorry about that guys, my mistake.

We are still looking into this I hope I can come back with a better solution.
Best regards,