UR28M on a M1 silicon Apple

It works pretty well on Windows Vista and macOS 7.

Very sad. My UR28M does not work on my new Macbook Pro M1. This is very disappointing.

@Steinberg_Service just don’t care about us. They only care about taking the money.

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We have updated our compatibility chart to provide an update on the support. Currently, we plan to release a compatible driver mid of March.

Until then, a workaround could be to use the UR28M in class compliant mode instead. Yes, you’ll lose functionality but you can use it on the M1 system.


Can you provide a step by step on how to do that? What we need to install and how to use in compliant mode please? No problem if we loose some functionality if it makes sound and can record a Voice, at least in my case.

Which functionality is lost?

Do you know if it works with a normal usb 3 to usb c adaptor?

Manual, page 31: “Turn on the device while holding down OUTPUT button C, and keep pressing the
OUTPUT C button until an INPUT meter/OUTPUT meter flashes.”

The features like loopback and the hardware panel for direct access won’t be available with this setting. But at least you have an interface until the official driver is released.

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thank you, I will try it today! the only problem is that the apple camera adapter does not have a lighting USB C (thunderbird) end but it has the normal USB C end (the one that also works to charge the phone or the IPAD). An USB to USB C adapter will do it or I connect the sound card directly to the USB port?

As long as the device is connected to the computer, you can use it in class compliant mode.

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I managed to do it! I risk a ban but I will risk: f@cking awesome! Thank you!

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This is awesome!

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While this is awesome, @Ed_Doll @Steinberg_Service why keep us waiting for months in answering for a work around like that, if this was possible from the very beginning?!? I’m waiting since December for an answer how to install. Very poor customer support.

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The class compliant solution is a rather unofficial one, and we focussed on the release schedule for the official drivers.

how does it work?

You don’t need to install any driver. Just hit the power button while you hit the output 3 button and bam. For me doesn’t work the first time so I have to close it normally and do the same movement again.

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I’ve tried this workaround. Does not work. The input and output do not flash. That’s really frustrating. I’ve followed the instructions exactly as in this video: [Tutorial merekam multitrack di iPad menggunakan Steinberg UR28M dan UR824]

Is the latest Big Sur that has the issue. The workaround is:

  1. Keep pushed output 3 + power until the soundcard turn on.
  2. Turn off the sound card
  3. Do again the 1st step.
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No way…does not work at all :sob: