UR44 - Audio interruption due to USB error is detected


My UR44 has been used for many years. It always works fine.

I just bought a new computer recently.
Intel i7 12700K
Asus Z690-P D4
Logitech Mouse M650
Windows10 Pro version 21H2
UR44 was installed newest driver(2.1.1)

It can playing audio. But UR44 start lag when I moving mouse currsor /or do something else.

Open Yamaha Steinberg USB Control Panel.
WeChat Image_20221008213150

Error info: Audio interruption due to USB error is detected.

I’m try connect UR44 to a USB2.0 Hub. Same issue.

How can I fix this?

Or, buy a UR22C? (for matching USB3.2) I’m not sure. Hlep please,thanks!

Use the latest chipset drivers, if it doesn’t help, stress your board vendor.

Thank you.
I already setup latest chipset drivers. Still dosen’t work.

Try using driver version 2.03, it has solved certain issues for some.

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But this one has serious issues, you must use a previous version.

Issues with Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V2.1.0 or later
You can download the 2.0.4 version here .

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Thanks. I tried 2.0.3./2.0.4. Little better, but still have problem.

Thank you. I tried many version drivers of UR44. Did not works fine.
I think here must be mulity issue: UR44 driver, mainboard, Intel chip driver, Win10…

I spent too many time to fix this(10 days). I give up.

I will change a new audio interface which one support USB3.0.

Have you disabled “USB selective suspend” in Power Options? If you have not, try disabling it, reboot and see if it improves.

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Yes, I did. Still~

Today, I have a test with a UR22C . Same issue. :neutral_face:

Forgive me if you have already tried these tweaks.

  1. Make sure that in your BIOS\UEFI setting, under OS Type, that it is not set to “Other”, if it is, change it.

  2. Disable “Intel Turbo Boot”

  3. Change “XHCI mode” to manual

I know just how frustrating it can be. I hadn’t used my UR824 for almost 2 years because of driver issues, but very recently got it to work under Driver Version 2.0.3, Windows 10 22H2 by following all kinds of advice, that I’m not even sure what may have fixed it.

Yes,I have tried them before you said it.
Thank you all the same : )

I was tried a lots of method & spent too much time for fix it. So sad.

I feel your pain.

Steinberg need to get on to Yamaha and inform them of the major issues some of us are having with the UR series, if they haven’t already.

I’m running an X99 system and not going to upgrade any time soon. I think my next Audio Interface will probably be an RME, as apparently their drivers are rock solid under Windows.

Hope you do eventually get it working.

Good luck.

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I’m agree with you.
I borrowed a UR22C yestoday. I thought it was because that UR44 not good working at USB3.
But UR22C have same issue.
Maybe I should try other brand.
The most ridiculous thing is that my 5$ mini USB audio interface works great. :smiley:

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That’s just it. I have an old M-Audio Delta 1010lt and an old Lexicon I-ONIX U22 with old drivers like 15 years old that outshines my UR824’s Driver by a very, very long way.

Stability with these old Audio Interface’s drivers are fantastic in Windows 10, but lacking in sound quality in comparison to the UR824.

It just goes to show.

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I just bought a ROLAND Rubix22. It works profect!
Finally~ :smiling_face_with_tear:


That’s great StormerZ.

Roland tend to use the term “rock solid” when it comes down to their drivers, so it would be interesting to hear from you just how reliable you find their drivers and its performance under different stresses, buffer size vs track count etc.

I mainly use VSTi’s and External Instrument’s and the UR seems to be holding up for now. Dreading any Windows updates that may conflict with the driver though.

Let us know how you get on, if you can find the time.

Im also having this error and cuts im sounds while using the pc ,I think they need to fix their driver

Switching the RTX 3080 to the closest PCI slot to the CPU helped me.

I’ve got the same issues, and additionally i think it’s causing the freezes all the time, will try another brand ASAP as well!

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