UR44 Basic Operations

I’m new to the world of modern computer audio interfaces. I think that the UR44 will do everything I want, but I’m very confused about some of the simple details of its operation. I have two uses planned for the UR44: recording with an iPad, and as a mixer for live performances.

From a thread here on the forum and the UR44 user manual, it appears that the unit can be used as a standalone device, without a computer or iPad attached. Is this correct? If so, how do you get the UR44 to save the mixer settings when the iPad is disconnected? Will these be stored indefinitely, or are they lost if power to the UR44 is disconnected? Also, if I set up the mix using DspMixFx on the iPad and then switch to another app on the iPad (such as ForScore, a sheet music viewing app), will DspMixFx continue to run in the background, or do I need to save the mix to the UR44 before switching apps?

For recording, I don’t quite understand how the various software components work together. I understand that the DspMixFx app is used to set the levels for the various inputs and outputs. But how does this relate to a DAW on the iPad? Does a DAW (such as GarageBand or the iPad version of Cubase) run simultaneously with DspMixFx and somehow receive audio from it? Or does the DAW control the UR44 directly, without using DspMixFx at all?

Thanks for any help you can provide to clear up my confusion!

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Understand the difference between ‘used’ and ‘controlled’. It can be used standalone, but how it is set up will have had to be done beforehand with a computer or pad. These settings are indeed stored in the device - even when turned off. It’s just a pity that no mechanism on the device itself is provided to switch between various presets …

Apart from use with Cubase and it’s relatives (Not sure about Cubasis on Ipad) which override any mixer settings with those of the loaded project (the original settings are restored when Cubase ends) The UR and the Mix-settings are independent of other running apps.

This interaction is realized with the “Driver” (typically the ASIO driver) of the UR which is installed on your device and must be selected within whatever application you intend using.
Have a good read of the manuals for the device, they should help with a lot of questions - otherwise just ask away. :wink:

With the update for iPad that let’s us use the dspMixFx directly, you have control over all its functions now.
See this thread:

For live recording using Cubasis or Auria, you setup the UR44 as an audio interface from inside the DAW itself.

Thank you for the quick responses. I’m getting a clearer picture of how this works . . . for standalone operation, I can set levels and processing using DspMixFx on the iPad and then disconnect the iPad. As for the other uses, I still have a few questions.

As I understand it, there is no driver on the iPad; that’s why you need to use the UR44 in Class Compliant mode with the iPad. So when using a DAW other that Cubasis, does the DAW “see” the various input channels of the UR44? Can GarageBand, for example, record multiple tracks at once, one track for each input channel on the UR44? From your answers, BriHar and Rimshot, it sounds as though DspMixFx still controls the channels of the UR44 when used with an iPad, but I don’t quite understand how this works with/connects to/sends audio to a separate DAW.

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Afraid that’s out of my ballpark. While there’s no android version yet, the idea isn’t even on my radar.
Have a look at the specific diagrams in the user manual.

More questions keep coming to mind . . . how does audio output from the iPad work through the UR44 while using the audio inputs on the UR44? For example, let’s say I’m performing with a microphone and a bass connected to the UR44. I also have some audio tracks recorded in GarageBand that I want to play along with. How do I handle mixing the mic, bass, and iPad output? And what if, instead of GarageBand, I have audio on the iPad in another format, one that might be played with the ordinary music player app. Can this come through the UR44 via USB as well, and how would it be set up/controller?

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