UR44 Driver and Mac Big Sur driver CONFLICT

After a few hours of troubleshooting, I’ve narrowed that the Steinberg UR44 driver is not compatible with Mac Big Sur.

When I install the Steinberg driver, Mac Big Sur won’t don’t recognize it and won’t show it as a device, which makes it non-useful.

But if you don’t install the driver, the dspMixFX won’t recognize the UR44, which prevents me to do basic rerouting of Mac audio through the UR44.

This one little hiccup is preventing me from doing a certain routing to my iOS devices, which is necessary for live streaming apps.

Now I am stuck to run it in very limited mode.

Please help. Thank you!

I have the same problem, i can’t use the UR44 anymore and my whole studio-setup is useless at this moment. I hope that Steinberg will update the drivers asap.

Any news depending updates?
Communication is really lacking.

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Hi , My setup is completely useless as well and I am in the middle of a project with deadlines. Why weren’t you guys ready with updates when Big Sur was released? This is very frustrating and I may be losing this project.

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Hello! Same with me! Any news regarding driver for Bug Sur?

Hi, I contacted Steinberg. They sent me a copy of my license number which I used to update my eLicensor with. I then downloaded their driver from December and it worked.

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Paul_Clancy, where did you reach them?

Sorry reply so late - just saw it. I went to the customer support page on the steinberg website and reported it there. The response was very quick

I’ve just had to install Big Sur to fix another problem. Now Garage Band won’t work - I’m getting an eLicenser Control Error - related to the UR44C. Having read the previous comments there any updates on how I can get this all working again?

We have released an official driver for Big Sur now:

Hello, I have installed the correct driver after upgrading to MacOS Big Sur. Ive done everything the installing has said to do to prep and download the driver. To no avail. I can’t find my UR44 in my Audi/midi setup. this is getting frustrating. Is there any different ways to install this new update?

not sure what to do - garage band not working on osx big sur 11.5.2 because of steinberg elicenser - i uninstalled all the steinberg software I could find but it is still not working - what a mess to have projects you are working on stuck in limbo - why should “upgrades” ever break things?