UR44 No Sound in Headphones (playback/record work fine)

Well, I should get sound - I’ve checked everything that I know about. VST Connections look correct. The input track source and send look good. Device setup looks fine.

Symptoms: Normally I can hear (monitor) the inputs using my headphones plugged into the UR44 (usually I monitor some combination of inputs 1, 2, 3 and 4). But, now I hear nothing. However, playback of recorded material comes though just fine. Recording also works I do press that little speaker icon when switching between monitoring the inputs and playing back recorded material.

The weird thing was this. Earlier this evening I was having this weird issue with reverb coming through WHILE monitoring the inputs (this was before I lost audio). I spent hours staring at Cubase AI then concluded the reverb was coming from inside the UR44 unit. Then I decided to power cycle the UR44. At first I thought that worked because I didn’t hear the reverb any longer - but I also didn’t hear audio (again there is no audio to the headphones only when monitoring the inputs - and I depress that little speaker icon to hear the inputs). Since then I have power cycled and restarted Cubase - but no luck. I just don’t have any audio when monitoring - yet all the connections look fine.

I feel like giving up now.

I put in another try on this merry-go-round with no luck.

The confusing part about all this is that I can hear the headphones during playback and I can record. Yes, I select the monitor button for playback (the little speaker icon).

I’m a bit out of energy to spend another hour documenting every last thing of this particular setup - but if you want a screen capture just ping me.

Briefly this is my setup:

inputs 1, 2, 3 & 4 are used and each pair go to a stereo track (Stereo In and Stereo In 2). The tracks to go UR44 Mix 1. The headphones are connected to phones 1 (which should monitor UR44 Mix1). However, in the MixConsole you can definitely see no audio in the Mix 1 fader when monitoring the live inputs (again: monitor switch on). Yet, playback just works fine. Record just works fine.

Everything looks totally fine. VST connections, Device Setup. I’ve used this before - made recordings before - have a decent feel for it.

I feel this is related:

Something odd happened last night - first I had this unwanted reverb in the headphones (which I then determined came from inside the UR44 - because the reverb did not get recorded) - after spending hours fiddling with Cubase to remove this unwanted reverb I decided power cycling the UR44 - the reverb went away - but so did the monitoring capability of the Phones 1 output. Again, record and playback work just fine - the Phones 1 simply would not monitor live inputs.

Also, today, while attempting to have a look at the effects built into the UR44 (still do not really know the proper way to achieve this) I found this “dspMixFx_UR44” program - so I launched it expecting to see, maybe, access to the internals of the UR44. It actually said “No device found.” Then I shut down Cubase thinking it blocked a new connection to the UR44 - but I still got this “No device found.” The goal I wanted to obtain here was to check out the UR44 hardware for some type of misconfiguration - especially when that weird reverb issue was occurring (which is now gone) - but now the audio doesn’t work as expected.

Well, for today, I’m going to go back to my 4-track cassette machine from 20 years back. Audio quality isn’t as good, but seems to work…

I have same problem. No Sound in Headphones, but I see the audio coming in on the mixing console in Cubase.
Will now try to swap for the “dspMixFx_UR44” program and see if that works.
Will keep you posted.

20 mins later… Okay. I opened UR44 Program and where the gear is on top, opened the control panel and checked for updates. Bingo. I got a software (UR44) and FIRMWARE update - and everything now works perfectly. Saw it immediately in dspMixFx_UR44 program, and in the speakers and headphones. Closed dspMixFx_UR44 and opened Cubase. All is well.

So there’s the answer. Update your firmware for the UR44.

For me it was the CC switch in the back - I had accidentally switched it on while handling the UR44 the night before.