UR44 Outboard routing

Hey guys, bit of a nooby question, and I’ve gone over the signal flow and block diagrams a million times (which i do know how to read lol), and I just need to make sure that there are ONLY 2 stereo out of this unit.

First being 1&2 and it’s identical twin MAIN L/R, and second being 3/4

I currently use 3&4 to chain my outboard which is great (why i bought this thing in the first place), but there are no other option for inline routing, right? Outboard, monitors, and that’s it.

I use it with Logic X on OSX11.6, and what I would realllllllly like to do it is use 1&2 as a seperate outboard chain. At the moment sending to 1&2 is the stereo out, and would give me wonderful feedback trying to chain things, but the thing is I don’t need two of the same output and I would like the option to use it as another outboard chain, if that’s even possible.

Or, use outputs 5&6 from logic as a seperate outboard chain somehow, instead of it being a reverb send. It’s a nice reverb, but a seperate chain would be a lot nicer.

I’m sure I’m just wasting my time with this. Have a good day all.


Can seriously nobody help me out with this?

If I understood what you want,
You can use the phone 2 output separately.

I did a post about how i use: