UR44 stopped working on Mac

My UR44 worked fine for a week or so but then suddenly stopped working. I tried the CC mode switch just for fun. It seems dspMixFx recognizes UR44 only when CC mode is OFF, but the system preferences or Garage Band recognize it only when CC mode is ON. In either case can’t get any input to my DAW. Can anyone tell what is happening?

Have you installed the Steinberg/Yamaha drivers, or reinstalled maybe?

CC mode works without those, but Cubase and dspMixfx need them.

I see from your other posts you are on Big Sur.

You should probably research that on the forum, for example here’s one topic that might be related. It’s about both Apple Intel and M1 CPUs

Thanks for trying to help. Unfortunately in that thread there are a lot of frustrated people discussing the problems but there are no solutions.

I was about to post a reply telling you that I got it working. For a while it seemed that the problem went away when I uninstalled the driver for my RAID backup drive. I thought it must have been some kind of driver conflict. Unfortunately the sound card stopped working again today. Nothing has changed in my system. This thing keeps recurring at random. Based on the thread @steve linked, people have been fighting with this issue since January with no improvements since. I guess my only option is to send the unit back for refund and go for a more reliable brand.