UR44C Audio interruption due to USB error is detected

What exactly does this error message mean?

I’m getting this quite often even though I don’t notice any drop outs or problems with playback. Happens both in usb2 and usb3 mode.

I really have no clear idea- but I swapped to a very short usb cable and got better results.

I will try that. Thanks.

Now I’m using USB-C to USB-C cable. Tried both with and without power adapter. Seems to make no difference.

Are you getting this error message too?

Yes, I am. The shorter cable seems help, but I can’t honestly say I’ve done a robust test.

I’m using a USB A to C cable, fwiw. Whether I use the USB power or mains also seems not to matter as far as this goes,

Well, my USB cable idea success was just coincidental.
And, I just noticed there’s a software update, and also this article which I spaced on:

I’m going to do the update and take the advice in the article and see if anything is different.

Thanks @steve

I’ve seen that article. It happens with both usb3 and usb2 modes. I already did the latest updates. Tools, firmware, driver. I think there is newer driver than the one included in the package.

So let me know if the updates change/fix anything for you.

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Okay @misohoza… I updated everything including the 2.0.4 yamaha usb driver… be back in a day or two,