UR44C Audio interruption due to USB error is detected

What exactly does this error message mean?

I’m getting this quite often even though I don’t notice any drop outs or problems with playback. Happens both in usb2 and usb3 mode.

I really have no clear idea- but I swapped to a very short usb cable and got better results.

I will try that. Thanks.

Now I’m using USB-C to USB-C cable. Tried both with and without power adapter. Seems to make no difference.

Are you getting this error message too?

Yes, I am. The shorter cable seems help, but I can’t honestly say I’ve done a robust test.

I’m using a USB A to C cable, fwiw. Whether I use the USB power or mains also seems not to matter as far as this goes,

Well, my USB cable idea success was just coincidental.
And, I just noticed there’s a software update, and also this article which I spaced on:

I’m going to do the update and take the advice in the article and see if anything is different.

Thanks @steve

I’ve seen that article. It happens with both usb3 and usb2 modes. I already did the latest updates. Tools, firmware, driver. I think there is newer driver than the one included in the package.

So let me know if the updates change/fix anything for you.

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Okay @misohoza… I updated everything including the 2.0.4 yamaha usb driver… be back in a day or two,

Maybe this helps… some users reported that some of the settings helped. Make sure to check it out:
Please make sure you have done step 1&2 before doing step 3:
It seems that the Yamaha driver can’t communicate right sometimes when :

  1. Internal windows audio driver is disabled in bios
  2. When using MBR file system
  3. When using other OS Type setting in bios instead of Windows UEFI mode
    On new systems this option is sometimes automatic on (Other OS)
  4. When using XHCI mode
  5. When Intel Turbo Boost Technology is enabled

Fix: Audio interruption due to USB error is detected. (Windows) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Sorry, while this works on your particular system, it is not a universal fix.

I did find that using a very short (6 inch) USB-C cable plugged into a USB-C thunderbolt port on my laptop improved the situation. The error Audio interruption due to USB error is detected no longer appears, and there are much fewer occasional dropouts all the same. Also, the driver shows it being connected via USB 3.1 Gen 1, and no longer complains that it must switch to USB 2.

Note that I do not see the issue when using the ASIO driver, only when Windows uses the device via one of its methods.


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