UR44C Latest Driver Issue 2.1.1 Windows 10

What is that ? You should always stop playback before loading the channels into another driver, this is common sense… The two signals cannot merge and sync in real time (while the audio feed is still playing from one end), and it indeed has to cut out the audio which causes media players in Windows to freeze/display an error message. Just reload the YouTube page once the Project has been fully loaded in Cubase, and the audio will return.

The above isn’t related to the actual 2.1.1 issue at all.
The 2.1.1 issue only occurs when Release Driver is enabled, and causes Windows to lose audio even after Cubase has been closed, which is not what you are describing. The only way to undo the glitch is to restart the Audiosrv service or reconnecting the interface.

It really is mind-blowing to see how many people are struggling with the audio settings and are making things worse because they are not aware that it is necessary to stop any playback when loading a program/different driver.
I have recently made a Guide so people can know :

Audio Setup Guide - for Windows users