UR816c and control room - fixed with V1.5 firmware and dspmixfx?

Hi there;

My only gripe with the UR816c has been the lack of integration between it and the cubase control room feature.

See this thread here for more details:

In short, I cannot monitor with REVX reverb using the control room.

I was told during one of my many conversations with Steinberg support that this was a bug that they hoped to be able to address in a future update.

Has this update fixed this problem?


No, I just purchased a UR816c and after setting up the control room I noticed that the hardware tab was missing from the inspector. I contacted support and was told that the control room takes over monitoring and this bug causes the hardware tab to go missing. I’m trying to figure out a work around for this issue.

That’s close, but not how I understand it. The RevX hardware tab shows up with control room enabled… but only if the track is routed to a physical output. It will disappear if you route it to a virtual output (like DAW Direct 1) or whatever.

What I seem to be getting here is that the best workaround is to use DSP MixFX for managing cue mixes instead of Control Room.

The way I have it setup with control room is - my outputs 1/LR = main monitors, out 4/LR second monitors.
In Outputs, for stereo out I use out 2/LR.
The track you are recording must be routed to stereo out in Cubase, if you route it to a BUS, than you can’t see your UR816c panel in inspector

Exactly. I think I’ve resigned myself to simply not using control room. I use the DSPMixFX app to do all my control room stuff. It’s not perfect. It would sure be nice to have the full integration - especially given that it is Steinberg’s own product - but I can live with it.

Just wanted to add that I’m in the same camp. Just upgraded from UR44C to UR816C and am dissapointed by a few things mentioned above, including also the lack of ability to route the headphones jacks 1&2 on the front panel inside cubase EXCEPT if you’re direct monitoring, which is plagued by the bugs/lack of integration mentionned in your previous posts.

I have a UR816c.
I’m using CUBASE Pro 11
I have the main outs of the UR816c connected to my monitors.
The main outs of the UR816c do not appear as assignable in Cubase to as I hope the image I’m attempting to include will show

My problem is that whatever audio I am sending to the UR816 c appears to be hard wired to the main outs and with the main outs not available to assign to a device port in CUBASE - I have no control of the signal.

Meaning that the may stereo bus in CUBASE is unable to drive the volume of the UR816c interface.

Does anyone else have this issue?

YOu have to understand that the outputs are controlled by the 4 stereomixes. In the DSPFXMIX software you can assign which MIX goes to which hardware outputs, so not in CUbase, but doing this on the UR816C itself. After that, you can assign outputs from Cubase to those 4 mixes you see in your pic.
I know it’s very confusing, but that is the downside of the URC series, lot’s of complaints about the poor designed software around these series.