Ur824 expanding Adat what to get

Hi looking to get more channels out of the ur824 but still learning
What is out there and what is capable. I look at Yamaha digital mixers but they seam to have also USB or they are a audio interface
As well makes me think why use the 824. I like the idea of a mixer
But maybe a rack type module might be better

Hey there
For starters you can use another UR824, you then get 8 extra in and out:)
Or you can get a 8 channel ADAT mic preamp, there are many out there (I use an Audient ASP880).
You can use two ADAT in and out for a maximum of 16 channels @44/48 or 8 channels @88/96 both in and out.

The older MR816s are being dumped by lots of people for not a whole of dollars second hand now because they’re FireWire – but they have 8 (of the same) preamps that you can slave via ADAT to the UR824. I have a UR824 and that’s where I’m looking.

Doesn’t the MR816 need computer setup? I mean, that would limit their useability, cause you’d need to find a friewire comuter just to assign the ADAT outs?

Not sure exactly but I do have have a Firewire card I could use if that was the case if it’s just for configuration purposes. There is a thread about the scenario here where the UR824 is master and MR 816 is slave:

EDIT: Steinberg has the configuration info here: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206085924-How-to-use-the-MR816X-CSX-as-a-slave-device-via-ADAT

Ok then you are good to go, but this was my point: you need FW to be able to use the MR as an ADAT unit.

In the scheme of things the FW cards are a small expense (people are dumping those at a rate of knots too) but yes you’re right. The good thing is you can pick up an additional 16 channels with two MR units for not many dollars.

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