Ur824 problem

Hi, I have a problem, in some topics I wrote where this is discussed, but no one answers. When using the UR824, a loud noise appears. This problem has disappeared even after driver updates and all the latest software from the UR824. I have Windows 7 64 bit, cubase 8 pro (the latest updates are available on this site). Sometimes the noise appears even when the cube does not work, just browsing the video on YouTube. Connect to a computer via USB 2.0 port without any hubs, 16 GB RAM, i7 processor, if it’s important, then send the model of the motherboard. Please help, because annoying the sudden appearance of this noise, when it was not expected, I want to work in peace, not in constant fear, constantly looking back at the terrible noise. Thanks in advance for your help.

That is an issue I have not experienced. No loud noises for me. Only dropouts from certain mobos/setups. Though I had it rough with a new build PC once. I understand your pain man.

Confused by your third line, that stated “This problem has disappeared even after driver updates and all the latest software from the UR824”. I am guessing you meant ‘has not’. May be a language translation thing. All good. No disrespect.

If you are getting sudden noise, that sounds like the interface is loosing connection somehow.

Look at the advice many have offered in the UR dropout thread.


Most everything has been covered there except for the fact that some systems just do not work with Steinberg interfaces. I believe and hope that your situation just involves a setup issue with your PC.

Best to you!

Thank you for you answer, Yes, I was wrong in the previous post - This problem NOT DISAPPEARED after updating the driver, and all the latest software from the UR824

Today read the topic which you got rid of me, maybe he will help me

The problem became less when I changed my wireless mouse and keyboard in wired USB, But again today it was 3 times the noise and I came back for help on the forum ((( before noise occurs, there is a slight crackling, and after 2-3 seconds the noise is just unreal volume and all the channels picout.

All perestanavlivat several times, still the problem remains.

Hello! I have for 2 years waiting for Steinberg tell me what my problem UR824 or correct errors of the driver as it should!!! I do not know what has caused, but even the latest driver - 1.9.10 - 2, available for installation does not solve my problem - the appearance of a sharp loud noise in the speakers! This happens a few times a week and sometimes every day! It’s terrible, can’t work! Many on this forum were such problems, but it seems to be decided! All the settings are correct in the BIOS and in the system! Guys, at least tell me you can help, since Steinberg is still silent! Any help would be appreciated from you! I apologize for English is not my native language!

P. S. Steinberg, you also have to give at least some information what to do or comments, anything, this problem is dangerous to the ear, this noise is just deafening, if it goes further, it will apply to the court, as it caused harm to my health!