UR824 Word Clock LED Flashing, Never Syncing


I pretty sure by now that my no sound problem is related to this.

When I power the unit up, the sample rate LED is lit, ok, but the word clock (set to INTERNAL) keeps flashing, no matter if computer is turned On or OFF, the word clock LEDS just flashes.

I tried changing the sample rate and clock source via the Driver and via DAW, the hardware won’t respond to that.

I just don’t know what else to do, I can’t even start a freaking support request cause Steinberg made it so difficult to send a support email that I just gave up. At “My Steinberg” I go to “My Support” and from there it just redirects me to a list of dealers, I can’t start a support ticket.

Can someone tell me what’s going on? The unit is brand new, any moderator ot technician in here?

I just feel like taking a sledgehammer and destroying this thing

Sorry to hear about your troubles… If the device is new perhaps return it… what you are describing definitely isn’t normal.

Even if my computer is turned off, and I turn on my UR824, the LED (internal) will flash about 4 or 5 times and then lock on steady. The same thing occurs with the computer powered up.

perhaps try another power source around the house first, or see if the firmware is the latest, but I haven’t ever seen anything like what you are describing… hopefully it doesn’t sour you to the experience too much, as they are pretty awesome when you get them up and running.

I also know the mr816x and csx had a reset sequence but I’m not sure if it applies to the UR824…(ref below)


I’d also try the word clock switch on the back in both positions (in/out)

Best of luck.

Hey mate, thx for your input! Really appreciate it.

I already tried the switch on the back, same thing persists… Tried plugging into 110v, 220v, same thing…

The reset sequence cannot be applied to the UR824.

I got some electronics knowledge, If I knew what to do I would open it and check it, perhaps a solder joint or a wire went bad during transit, who knows. In the end I’ll have to send it back, ABROAD. Another thing to mention is that the unit was boxed, I bought it about 6 months ago, and never installed it. I was in the process of moving to another city and building a new studio. Now that it’s finished, I’ve installed all my gear, and unfortunatelly bumped into this issue.

Being optmistic, I believe I’ll have it back in 3 months. I’m so pissed, my music production and studies are on hold now, I’m pretty much screwed.

Took the unit to an authorized yamaha tech, he said that the unit’s processor is not functional…

I wonder how could a unit be dispatched from the factory like this, is there any kind of quality control?

It’s very appalling that no steinberg representative or tech came here to help me or say something, I really regret buying this piece of crap